Textile Park in Himachal Pradesh 2017 Details, News Ministry of State

By | August 20, 2016

Textile Park in Himachal Pradesh 2017 Details, News Ministry of State, Himachal Pradesh to have its own Textile Park

The Cabinet Minister for Textiles Ajay Tamta has released a huge statement that will change the face of Himachal Pradesh. The minister revealed that the State government is ready for establishing a Textile Park in the state. 40% of this budget will be provided for by the central government and the remaining will be funded from the state government. This is a huge announcement and a proud moment for many textile traders that had to otherwise visit other states for the sales of their materials.

Textile Park in Himachal Pradesh

In the first textile park of Himachal Pradesh there will be eight separate trades that will be established under the domain of textiles. He also said that the State government had proposed and supported this cause through a letter. Once the land for the same is sanctioned by the government the process will catch speed and the establishment will begin. Before participating in the Tricolor Rally in Kangra’s Dehra, Cabinet Minister Ajay Tamta addressed reporters and press in Una. He said that through this textile park, the workers in Himachal Pradesh will be exposed to the latest techniques in their trade through classes with the nation’s best designers. This will enable them in getting accredited and recognized for their talents at both national and international levels in this industry.

Textile Park in Himachal Pradesh in Detail

The center has proposed to provide designers for the textile workers from Kullu, Mandi Chamba Kangra, and Kinnaur. He said that the N. Modi Government is consistently working to secure the careers of the nation’s textile workers. The Central Government has also signed five M.O.Us that pertain to the same benefit, which include benefits in the form of education, skill development, designer aid, and banking facilities among others. All this is an effort of the Make in India Campaign under which the cabinet is working to firmly establish textiles in the country.

Ajay Tamta continued telling about the 54 highways that have been given by the Central government to the state. He hence appealed the State government to hasten the process of providing DPR and Forest Clearance. He also mentioned how the government was adamantly working to establish a rail route for all border areas. This will include a rail line construction that will connect the state with Leh. He asked for Congress support from the state to establish this project with quickness. The state representative of BJP Satpal Sati and District representative Balwir Bagga were also present in this occasion along with many other big names from the BJP front.

Textile Park in Himachal Pradesh News

The Cabinet Minister of Textiles also did not shy away from pointing fingers at the Congress government that were currently in power in Himachal and Uttarakhand. He said that a lot of bribery, unfair means, and corruption was happening under these governments and pressed on the challenges ahead for the BJP to ensure a congress-free nation. When asked about the center’s opinions and plan of action for the Kashmir controversy, the minister said that the party believes that Kashmir is rightfully a part of India. This means that the peace and well-being of the nationals in Kashmir was a responsibility of the center and they will ensure that the people in Kashmir are given all the facilities.

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A textile park in Himachal will be a great avenue for textile workers in the state. This will enable them to achieve help from internationally recognized designers and improve their techniques into more contemporary ones. With this park, the economy of the state as well as the nation will see a huge boost. The central government will be offering a range of facilities to the workers in the state for uplifting this industry.