The Great Khali Gym & Fitness Club Franchise Dalip Rana, Registration Fee

By | October 16, 2016

The Great Khali Gym & Fitness Club Franchise Dalip Rana, Registration Fee, Start Gym Business With Great Khali, Wrestling Training.

Dalip Singh Rana from Himachal Pradesh is a name more commonly known as the Great Khali. His name is a common household name thanks to his extreme success in the world of wrestling at the international level. Currently Great Khali holds the reputation of being the World Wrestling Championship. There is a new opportunity that the Great Khali himself will be presenting to all of you. This opportunity comes in a partnership deal of a gym with the Great Khali. Khali has announced that he will be opening 50 gyms in the country to promote health and fitness of the youth of India. These Gyms will be opened in the form of franchises all over the nation and the interested candidates are requested to apply for the franchise and get the opportunity to open a fitness business venture with the Great Khali himself. This is not only a golden opportunity because of the fame of the wrestler among Indian youth but also the prospects that it holds in the future. You can earn up to 3.50 crore each year if you get this opportunity.

The Great Khali Gym & Fitness Club Franchise

The names of these franchises will be The Great Khali Gym and Fitness Club. These gyms are special as they will be built around the theme of a wrestling rings. An automated audio recording of the Great Khali’s voice will welcome each fitness enthusiast as they step into the club. Each club will be spread across the area of 4500 to 5000 square foot providing ample amount of space for heavy machinery as well as comfortable workout at all times. The clubs will have a lounge area, kids area, as well as khali gallery. The club will also have some things that conventional gyms lack like a marathon track, two jaquzis, two spas, sweat room, which can be used by 40-45 people at a time. The Khali gallery in each club will have merchandise like shoes and exclusive fitness gear for sale as well as exhibition.

Investment details for opening a fitness franchise with Great Khali

If you are one of the interested candidates with a solid investment ready to take this opportunity for funding a franchise of the Great Khali Gym and Fitness Club, then you will need a good funding program for the same. It is estimated that the infrastructure will require an initial investment of about 3.50 crore in the first year which will include a 35 lakh signing fee for The Great Khali. Additionally each year the expenditures will be about 50-60 lakh.

The estimated earnings with this franchise

The gym membership for the club is going to be 27-28 thousand for a whole year. This fees is almost in the same range as many other premium gyms of the nation. It is estimated that about 700 members will be joining the gym on the annual basis. If these statistics are taken into consideration, the annual profit from the gym is expected to be around 2 crores. Because this is more than the conventional fitness club and hosts children defense training classes, jumba, aerobics, cross-fits, and power yoga too, the fitness club will make an additional income of 1.50 crore. This means that the money that you spend on infrastructure in the first year will be reimbursed in the first year.

The Great Khali Gym and Fitness Club Registration Fee

How to apply for this franchise

  1. The Great Khali will be opening the applications for the franchise on 16th
  2. The complete process will be detailed on this notification
  3. Franchises of India website will also host the process of applying for this gym.
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