Bigg Boss 11 Audition Date, Registration BB-11 Common Man Upload Video

By | February 8, 2017

BIGG BOSS 11 Audition Date, Registration BB-11 Common Man Upload Video, BIGG BOSS 11 Contestants Names, BIGG BOSS Video Upload For Audition. BIGG BOSS 11 Start in 2017.

Big boss, the most popular name in the Indian Television industry. It is mainly a reality television show which is broadcast on a very popular television channel, known as Colors. Now Happy to Inform you about BIGG BOSS 11 Season in 2017. The Big Boss show follows the format of a show in Netherlands developed by the Endemol, known as the Big Brother.

Bigg Boss 11 Audition

In Big Boss show the selected contestants are locked in a common house, known as the Big Boss House. In this BIGG BOSS 11 house, the contestants have no telephones, no television connection, no internet, no clocks and not even the pen or a paper. The contestants are totally isolated from the rest of the world. In the house, they compete with each other by facing different types of tasks and at every weekend the housemates nominate 2 contestants. The nominated candidates will then have to face a public vote and the nominee with less of votes will be eliminated from the house.

Bigg Boss 11 Audition Date

Season 11
Host Salman Khan
Producer Endemol
Total Seasons Completed10
ConceptBIGG Brother Format
BIGG BOSS 11 AuditionFor Common Man
BIGG BOSS 11 Audition DateStart in May-June 2017

BIGG BOSS 11 Audition Dates will start in the month of May-June 2017. After that many rounds will be clear by the candidates. In the last round, you will be a call for Personal Interview, Medical for Any type of Medical Condition.

BIGG BOSS 11 Audition

BIGG BOSS 11 Audition

Big Boss house is a well furnished and decorated house with all the modern amenities such as bedrooms, toilets, garden area, pool, gym, activity area etc. The house is surrounded by the CCTV cameras and all the contestants are then overseas by a mysterious person which is called as the BIGG BOSS 11. Big Boss’s only presence is his voice in the house. The contestants are served with all the facilities, they are just disconnected with the rest of the world. In the house, the contestants have to perform tasks and will have to save them from getting eliminated. Every day episode shows off.

Update onBigg Boss 11 Audition

In the house, the contestants have to perform tasks and will have to save them from getting eliminated. Every day episode shows of BIGG BOSS 11 the main happenings or activities occurring in the house and at every weekend the nomination and elimination process take place. At the final 3 contestants remains and among those 3 who so ever gets the maximum votes from the Indian Audience will be declared as the winner of the show. The winner gets the prize money and some other various kinds of gifts.

ReadBigg Boss 11 Contestants Name

BIGG BOSS 11 Contestants

BB 11 Contestants (Common Man)





5………So On Upload Soon

BB 11 Contestants (Celebrity)





5………So On Upload Soon

The show is liked by many of the people in the country and is also declared as the one of the favorite show of Indian Television. By now the Bis Boss show has given 10 successful seasons, including the latest season of 2016. These 10 seasons were hosted by the very famous celebrities of Bollywood industry such as Arshad Warsi, Shilpa Shetty, Amitabh Bachan, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Salman khan, Farah Khan and Salman Khan again. These names are mentioned as per the seasons i.e. From season 1 to season 10 respectively. The show is being appreciated this much that the public has demand for more of its season.

ReadBigg Boss 11 Audition Process

BB 11 Audition Registration Process

  1. If you Really want to go to BIGG BOSS 11 Season you need to go to the official website of VIACOM 18 Colors Channel.
  2. This Show Produced by Endemol. So you have to visit the Colors channel BIGG BOSS 11 Section
  3. In this Section, you need to got to the Audition Section
  4. Then there is Form you need to fill and Upload your Video.
  5. In this video you need to Say Everything about your Self and what do you think about BIGG BOSS Show, and Season 11.
  6. You can also say your Views, Your Opinion on various Topics, and What are your States to service in BIGG BOSS 11.
  7. The Size of Video Must be not much more they required. If Exceed, then the required MB, then you need to compress your Video and then Upload.
  8. The Video you Uploaded for BIGG BOSS 11 Audition, you get a Reply when the team of BB Will check it.
  9. If they found your Video is Interesting and you can do better in this show, then they will contact you.
  10. After the selection, you will pass through various auditions, and debates, and many things.
  11. If you clear all, then you will be a call for the BIGG BOSS Show 11th Season.

ReadHow To Prepare For Bigg Boss 11 Audition

So the latest updates reveal that the Big Boss Season 11 is also coming soon for the upcoming year. The Big Boss season 11 will be held in 2017 only and the preparation of this upcoming season has already been started. The media report also reveals that the auditions for the Big Boss Season 11 will be started soon in various states of the country. For the upcoming season, there will be 11 contestants selected, which will get a chance to stay in the Big Boss house. The exact dates for the auditions are not yet disclosed neither the places for the auditions are revealed. But it is expected that within a very short period of time the dates and places for the auditions will be disclosed officially.

The exact dates for the auditions are not yet disclosed neither the places for the auditions are revealed. But it is expected that within a very short period of time the dates and places for the auditions will be disclosed officially.

The host for the show is not yet decided for the BIGG BOSS 11 season but the experts say that for the season 11 also the show will be hosted by Salman Khan only. The show will be aired on Colors Television only. So stay tuned to get more updates of Big Boss Season 11.

BASIC FAQ Regarding BIGG BOSS Season 11

When BIGG BOSS 11 Audition Date Comes?

When does BIGG BOSS 11 Registration start?

Show BB-11 Audition Date in 2017?

What is the BIGG BOSS 11 Contestants Names?

What is the BIGG BOSS 11 Audition Process?

How Can I Apply for BIGG BOSS 11 Audition?

Guys, you all know about the BIGG BOSS 11 auditions will be start after the completion of the season 10. So now the 11th season will be a start in the month of October 2017. The Auditions process will start from the 5 Months before the show. So in this time, they will pass you from the various types of Process of auditions. They passed you from the various difficult situations. So we wish this time you will be one of the parts of the BIGG BOSS Season 11th. Having questions in your mind, then ask in the comment section and share you vires. Please don’t share your phone number or personal details on this website.

Please don’t share your phone number or personal details in the Comment section.

Bigg Boss 11 Audition Date will start after March. The Colors will change the format of BB 11 this Time. Every year you see the format will be changed and new things will be add in the Bigg Boss 11. So like every year, in Bigg Boss The Season 11 will differ from another season. Bigg Boss 10 last year one of the most top rated show, and Colors want this thing in next time. The colors channel starts advertisement on the colors channel and viacom 18 all channels. The Team of Bigg Boss starts finding the Controversial celebrities and make a Team of 20 peoples. After start, they chose required amount and other will be rejected. Like Celebrities Commoners (Common Man) Will be selected by the Bigg Boss 11 Team.

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    सब परेसान हे कुछ करले कुछ करले समाज के लिये काम करू तो सरकारी लोग पीछे पड़ जावे हे बोलो क्या करू एक बार तो बिग बास मेने सरकारी हॉस्पिटल को ही हिला दिया भाई बिग बॉस घर की इतनी परेशानी हे कभी कभी तो खाने को भी ना होता
    दोस्त अल्लह ने मुझे ऐसे दे दिए जो कहू करते हे पर हे सारे गुज्जर यार हे
    तो भाई बिग बॉस जब मेने होस्पिटल में हंगामा किया तो कोई सुनवाई ना हुई मेने प्लान बनाया की कुछ काम करू जो इन गरीब मजलूम लोगो को दवाई मिल जावे में मजाक मजाक में पानी की टंकी पर चढ़ गया की भाई डॉक्टरो आज और अभी कुदुगा यहाँ से आप ने यू धंदा बना लिया की दवाई ना देना लोगो को परेसान करना बस इतना करना हे सभी डॉ cmo अधिकारी sdm साहब थाने से पुलिस और सभी बड़े नेता छेत्र के आलीये मेरी बात मानी और में तब निचे उतरा पर बिग बॉस हसने की बात ना हे पेंट गीली होगी इतनी ऊँची टंकी थी वो


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