Credit Guarantee Scheme CGTMSE – Loan Upto 2 Crores Without Guarantee

By | February 17, 2017

Credit Guarantee Scheme CGTMSE – Loan Upto 2 Crores Without Guarantee |  Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro & Small Enterprises Yojana, Government of India Credit Guarantee Scheme Launch, Credit Guarantee Scheme Benefits.

Hi guys… in these days for finding the Govt. job is very difficult, so many of the persons likes you thinking about to invest and spend their money on the business. But for the good business you must to be good in financial side. So to have the more money can make your business higher and higher day by day.

Credit Guarantee Scheme CGTMSE

Credit Guarantee Scheme CGTMSE is Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro & Small Enterprises Scheme or we say Yojana in easy languageSo after that here we introduced you with the new scheme under which you can get the very good/handsome loan amount in shape of loan from the financial institution so that your business dream can touch the sky. As if you are now in this post then I know you already know about the Mudra Loan Yojna scheme for getting the loan as provided by the Government of the India but that one has some condition to get the loan.

Now with this article we are providing you the information about the new scheme that is Credit Guarantee Scheme. So if you are interested then read the complete topic may be it will useful to you for your better future. Now I am going too discussed about the Credit Guarantee Scheme.  So the main benefit of this scheme is that you can get the huge amount of loan more than Rs.2 crores but without guarantee. So I know you can’t believe on it, but really it is true. I know the amount 2 core is also a huge amount, and we are common persons we can’t think about it. But there is the scheme for the people like us so that we also setup our own business like other famous business. So I know again you don’t trust, but now this time you have trust on us.

  • Name of the Scheme and Launched by: Credit Guarantee Find Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE)
  • Approval committee: Cabinet
  • Date on which scheme approved: 15th 2017, Wednesday

Credit Guarantee Scheme Loan Upto 2 Crores Without Guarantee

As recently this scheme approved by the Cabinet Pradhan Mantri  Mr. Narender Modi Ji. As they talked about this scheme on the eve of New Year 2017. So on that day 15th Feb 2017 the cabinet approved this scheme. So now in this topic we gives you the complete details and information from bottom to top of Without Guarantee Loan Scheme. So come on with me and clarify your doubt if any.

Eligibility Criteria: as if now you are interested in the same then you must have to know about the eligibility so that you will apply for the same and get the benefit of this scheme:

  • All that persons who already having the micro and small emprises business are eligible for this scheme,
  • You must have to check the eligibility of the bank so after they lend you the money it may bank/ financial institution, Commercial Bank, Public sector Bank/private bank. Foreign Bank etc.

Credit Guarantee Scheme Benefits

Credit Loan facility:- after apply for the same they will provided you the loan amount up to Rs.2 Crore and this loan will be given without any Guarantee to the eligible persons.

Method apply for the without Guarantee Credit Loan Scheme:-

So all the people’s eligible micro and small enterprises apply for this scheme and get the benefit of this scheme. So after you have to submit your application form with proposal document and submit to officials.  This is really good scheme so that they will provided you the huge amount of loan. Here are steps:

  • You have to visit the official registration page for registered yourself for the loan.
  • Now download the complete proposal form and fill the undertaking from the page and visit the office for registration.

Guarantee Side:-

This scheme is without guarantee so that the guarantee cover is 5 years or block of 5 years.

Guarantee Fee:

They will charge from you Rs.1.00 p.a. annually after credit amount.

Download  in PDF Format:-

So now at last if you are interested in the same then you have to download the same scheme and we also attached the same.

Credit Guarantee Scheme Undertaking FormDownload

Credit Guarantee Scheme RegistrationClick Here

Credit Guarantee Scheme NotificationDownload