DID Season 6 Audition Dates, Venue, Online Registration Dance India Dance

By | April 3, 2017

DID Season 6 Audition Dates, Venue, Online Registration Dance India Dance. Dance India Dance (DID) is India’s most famous Dancing reality television show where year after year common man with a dancing talent shows up to try his luck. Each year the show achieves a great success because of the immense talent that is showcased on this national platform through the art of dancing. Dances that revolve around various themes and convey some important social messages are also incorporated each year in the show. The judging faculty is also immensely talented and this makes the show even more fun to watch. While watching DID on a television is so much fun by itself it is difficult to imagine how fun the experience must be in first person. If you have a dancing tic and want to try your hand at India’s premium dancing reality talent hunt show, then the next season of this much acclaimed show may be your stairway to success.

After the success of the season of DID 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Now the Producers of the shows decided the Next Season 6 Will be Produced soon. The process is on the way and the Judges will be decided soon. After the Selection of The Judges, The Auditions dates will be finalized. When the dates and The sets will be Ok, Then the TV Advertisement will be released. So if you have that passion or you are a Fan of the DID this meas for You. If you Really Want to participate in the DID Season 6, Then you have to read this post carefully. Your Near Audition Place is given below and You have to note down the Dates carefully and reached at Correct Time.

DID Season 6 Audition Dates

For all those that are sitting at home and watching these common people come on the platform give their best and earn reputation and fame along with the huge prize money, they can also try their hand. India’s dancing reality show DID is returning for its 6th season to the country and the online applications to register for the auditions is currently starting. The auditions dates have not yet been disclosed but they will be declared both online and in media soon. This year the auditions can be given in a number of cities. You can register on the official website and then select the city that you would like to audition from. This year the auditions will be held in the following cities. Cities Names mentioned in This section. We also update the Place also where the auditions happens. The name of the Place Like (Auditorium, School, or Theater Area or Hotel) So this is the main thing you Notice the Audition will be start at there sharp Time. So you need to check out the main dates near to your City or village.

डांस इंडिया डांस सीज़न 6

डांस इंडिया डांस सीज़न 6 जल्दी ही ज़ी टीवी पे शुरू होने वाला है। इस शो में आप अपने डांस के टैलंट को दिखा सकते है। यह शो ज़ी टीवी पे दिखया जाता है, अब तक का सब से पोपुलर डांस रिऐलिटि शो है। इस शो पे Judges बदलते रहते है। सीज़न 6 के लीआ तयारी शुरू हो गए है। आप ज़ी टीवी पे Auditions की Date और Audition Venue अपलोड कर दिया जाएगा। अगर आप के इस शो को लेकर कोई question हो हो हमे नीचे दिए हुए कमेंट बॉक्स में लिखे। हम आप के Question का जल्दी से जल्दी उत्तर देने का प्रयास करेंगे। 

Audition Places                                      Audition Dates

  • Mumbai auditions
  • Baroda audition
  • Delhi auditions
  • Nagpur auditions
  • Bangalore auditions
  • Kolkata auditions
  • Lucknow auditions
  • Patna auditions
  • Jaipur auditions
  • Bhubneshwar auditions
  • Dehradun auditions
  • Guwahati auditions
  • Chandigarh auditions
  • Siliguri auditions
  • Raipur auditions
  • Ranchi auditions
  • Indore auditions

DID Season 6 Audition Venue 

The audition dates for these 17 cities are not disclosed yet but the candidates that register for auditions will be notified about their allotted dates once the same are released. In the last season the judges were Shruti dealer, Punit, Mudassar khan and the head master Mithun Chakraborty. The last year winner Proneeta Swargiary is a 22 year old from Delhi. She was presented her prize by the beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bacchan on the season finale. When one season of any show is so much liked the people then they have to launch the next season of the same.  So as like the previous 6 season of the DID (Dance India Dance) is so much liked by the people of the India so now they are going to take the audition of the next season of the DID 7th.

As we know that this is the 7th season of the DID.  Previous 6th season winner now are doing the work in the film industries.  All people after winning the big amount of the money are now settled their family in the big cities and now they are living luxury life. So that’s why this show is so much popular. As this show is telecast on the Zee TV channel. And now they are going to take the audition of the same in the major cities of the India like, New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Allahabad, and Chandigarh, Agra etc. this is the reality good platform to the contestant who are interest and see their career in the dance.

DID Season 6 Audition Dates

DID Season 6 Audition Dates

Any aspiring dancer who wants to be auditioning must register with the DID team on their facebook and their official website. The applicant can enter their demo video to the website also. On the audition day the candidates are required to carry documents to prove their age, their photo id proof, 2 passport size photograph clicked recently, document to prove nationality and statehood. Apart from these documents the participant should carry his own costume, props and music CD that they would need during their audition. The applicant’s age must be between 16 to 30 years old.

DID Season 6 Online Registration

  1. Open the site zeetv.com
  2. Click on the shows section
  3. Select DID season 6 auditions
  4. Click on Apply online for audition button
  5. Enter some basic details and upload your demo video according to the size specifications.
  6. The interested candidates can also upload their demo on to the facebook page of the show.
  7. If you are shortlisted on basis of the video you may get a call for the second level of the auditions
  8. All the registered applicants will be notified of their city’s audition date by email and message and must report on time with required documents.

DID is well Know Popular Show on ZEETV. it is one of the Indians, Biggest Dance Reality Show. In this Show most of the Dances now work in Movie ABCD 1 and ABCD 2. So now This show start Again in India on ZEE TV. this Time it is DID Session 6 will be start soon. The final dates also reveled soon on this website also. The Show Producer and Director Make a format of this show and the work is under process. This Time the Grand Master Mithun DA also seen with his New Look and Style. So we Hope the All Three Judges, Geeta Kapoor, Remo, and Terrence Will also Shown. So Hope for the Best and Best Wishes to all the Contestant those want to go in Audition.

DID Auditions 2017

you still doing practice to select in the DID Audition 2017 Season 6th.   Here i have one advised you to that practice on the different style of the dance.  I know everyone master in his style but they DID is the munch where you have to perform in the all Indian as well as in the International style. So you have to be master in the all style of the dance form.  But till the officials of the Dance India Dance season 6 has not released its date to take the audition but very soon they start   take audition from the interested contestant. The auditions will be held in the Major cities of the India. So keep visiting on our website so that you may know about the auditions dates and also about the avenue of the audition.  Till date hard work and invent the new form of the dance so that you can impress the judges of the DID Season 6 on Zee TV.