Essar Oil Petrol Pump Dealership 2017 | Franchise Price, Eligibility Criteria

By | March 16, 2017

Essar Oil Petrol Pump Dealership 2017 | Essar Petrol Pump Franchise, Essar Petrol Pump Dealership Price, Essar Petrol Pump Eligibility Criteria, Essar Petrol Pump Requirement Documents and Land Area.

ESSAR is an oil company based in India and is fully engaged in the production and exploration of the oil such as crude oil, natural gas and petroleum etc. Essar Oil company is a part of Essar group, mainly framed to build up major refineries in India. One of its major refinery is located in Vadinar, Gujarat, which made the Essar Oil company the India’s second largest refiner. Now the Essar Oil company has decided to expand their circle and wants to open up new petrol pumps in India. So its a great opportunity to all those civilians of the country who wants to own a dealership of petrol pump. Many of the residents of the country must be willing to get a franchise of this company.

Essar Petrol Pump Dealership

Company Name – ESSAR Oil

New Petrol Pump Opens – 2800

Total Petrol Pumps Now – 2833

Total Pumps in 2017 – 5600

Total Investment by Company – 1200 Crore

At present Essar oil company is holding 2800 petrol pumps in the country and they now want to increase this number till 5600. So it means the Essar Oil company is planning to open new 2800 petrol pumps in India. The interested people can download the application from the official web portal of Essar oil Company ( ). The application form will be available in both the English and Hindi language. Moreover the company has ensured that there will be no partiality in allotment of the new petrol pumps. For the enrollment of these new petrol pumps there will no tender selection process as the enrollment process will be completely transparent and quick. Only the candidate applying for the pump must have a land of 800 sq. Feet in town or if they wish to open the pump on a highway then they must own a land of 1200 sq. Feet.

Essar Petrol Pump Franchise

Essar Oil company has India’s largest Retail Fuel Network in Private Sector. They are opening these new pumps just for the expansion purpose. The CEO of this company Mr. Lalit Gupta believes that expansion of the pumps will help them in leading and will also be beneficial for the country. He also conveyed that in the year 2015 – 16 they opened 583 new petrol pumps which benefited them in such a way that their retail sales volume increased more than 145 % and it turned into 1.6 million kiloliter.

Take the franchise of the new dealer ship of the Essar Oil in your own dream. As I already mentioned that how to take the dealership of the Essar Oil. This is the number one brand of the India . As with the dealership of the Essar oil you will get the so much benefit. As you will have to submit the application form for the same with requisite document. As if you don’t apply for the same till date then there is news that they will be going to extent their time period for the submission of the application form. As we already mentioned the procedure, process and price of the same.  It is very easy to get the dealership of the ESSAR Oil. ESSAR Oil Company based in India and is fully engaged with the production of the crude oil, natural gas.  This is only so that they will want to expend their circle.  If you are interested then you have to apply for the same.

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Essar Oil Company is now planning to increase their number of petrol pumps till 5600 in the next 18 months. By doing this new employment opportunities will also be generated in the country. So all the willing candidates can apply to get the franchise of the petrol pumps. After applying for it, the company will come to a survey of the land and if they found the mentioned details correct then within a month the dealership will be allotted. Whereas if they candidates is unable to complete the criteria then the form will be rejected by the company. After the allotment also the company will help the dealers in many ways as the company will help them with various engineering and technical supports in short we can say that the company will give a complete set up to the dealer. Not only this the company will also help them in branding and will gives tips to increase their sales.

Essar Petrol Pump Dealership Eligibility Criteria


for Highways:- For Opening ESSAR Petrol Pump you Need 1200 Verg meter Area.

For City :- 800 Verg Meter area.


Investment will be depend on the company. Then Company will decided after survey you Land and Then decide how much amount you have to pay.

Government Approval

For Opening Petrol Pump you need Government Approval. In this Approval you Get sales Licence for Retail Oil. Then you need to Register to Sales Tax. Company Will Help you in Government Approval.

The ESSAR Petrol Pump Scheme is Under Expansion Plans

Then have to visit the website ESSAR and Download the application forms form here.

After your application survey will be done by the company officials. If you full fill all the Eligibility criteria, Then Dealership will be provided to you with in One Month.

ESSAR Franchise Post Application ProcessDownload PDF

To get the dealership the candidate will also have to face some legal formalities which will also be handled by the company. The candidate just have to show the mentioned land as 800 sq. Feet in town and 1200 sq. Feet near highway. Rest other formalities and help will be provided by the Essar Oil Company only, as the company has set a budget of 1200 crores to set up these new petrol pumps in India.

Essar Oil India Petrol Pump Dealership

Dealership is always a Responsible Thing. With the dealership the company name attached. So to maintain this name is in hand of Dealers. So the Brand Name maintain by the Indian dealers is a Big thing. Now the company name Essar is also maintain by the dealers. The Essar Oil Petrol Pump Dealership 2017 will be distribute by the company heads and there is thousand of petrol pumps open this year. All the requirements mentioned on this website for a petrol pump. This include Land, Investment and legal approval. So now if you have there 3 things whats are you waiting for? Go to the official page of the ESSAR, and apply Now.

For a God Business a Good management is always required. So guys with the come of new year 2017, we have new hopes and expectations. Now 3 months going to overs and ESSAR Oil India distribute the Petrol Pump Franchise all over India. If you want your own petrol Pump then this is the last Chance for you.