Himachal Ki Awaz 2017 Audition Dates | Venue | Timing District Wise

By | November 16, 2016

Himachal Ki Awaz 2017 Audition Dates | Venue | Timing District Wise | Himachal Pradesh Divya Himachal Group Himachal Ki Awaz Next Season Dates Audition Form | Rulers and Regulation | Requirement of Applicants.

Organised by Divya Himachal Group
Official Pagewww.divyahimachal.com/himachal-ki-awaz/
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Shimla Audition
Nurpur Audition
Solan Audition
Nahan Audition
Nalagarh Audition
Una Audition
Hamirpur Audition
Bilaspur Audition
Mandi Audition
Palampur Audition
Dharamshala Audition

After the success of season 1 of the Himachal ki awaz it’s coming up with its new season and huge no off must be waiting for the Himachal ki awaz 2017. The main of this music event is finding the singing talent in the Himachal Pradesh and give a platform to all the independent artists who are struggling in their music carrier. As we all know that there thousands of young kids out there have extreme music talent in them but they couldn’t do that much with it all their life because of no right platform to perform. Himachal ki awaj is that platform for all those music lovers who want to achieve their dreams in music. Himachal ki awaj can be a beginning of that dream. It is to inform all the candidates who are interested in singing and want earn handsome prize money and few recording deals can apply for the auditions of the Himachal ki awaj 2017 which will be starting very soon. The entire interested candidate can go to the official web site of the Himachal ki awaj and get all the details about the event. Officials of the organizing committee are all set to come up with the second edition of the event and deciding all the venues audition theaters for the event. All the details about the event will be uploaded at the official web site and will be published in the newspapers and in the news local news channels.

Himachal Ki Awaz 2017 Audition


  1. This completion will be open for all the interested and talented candidates in two groups. Seniors (16 years old and above), juniors (9 years to 15 years).
  2. There will be no application fee for this completion.
  3. Participants have to perform at least 2 songs in the completion. One folk song is compulsory.
  4. Participants will be selected for the next round on the basis of their voice quality, stage presence, and sync with the rhythm. Judges decisions will be the final and there will be no objection and arguments on the judge’s decision. If anyone will do that he/she will be disqualified from the completion.
  5. Participants have to take care of their all the expenses like travelling, food, stay till the semi finals. Candidates who will be shortlisted for the semifinal and final will get all the expenses from the organizer.
  6. Final of the completion will be conducted at shimla and Chandigarh all the details will be published soon.
  7. Organizer reserve the right to change the audition date, time and venue anytime.
  8. Organizer would not responsible if any misshaping/accident happened to any candidate during the auditions.
  9. All the participants required to register for the audition by filling a registration form online or by the off line mode. Candidates need to have their registration receipt with them at the time of audition.
  10. Auditions can be taking without any music or backing tracks it depend on the venue and the situations.
Himachal Ki Awaz 2016 Audition Dates

Himachal Ki Awaz 2017 Audition Dates

Himachal Ki Awaz 2017 Rules and Regulation


  1. For the senior’s title of voice of Himachal, cash prize, abroad trip and an album contract will be given.
  2. For the junior category VOH title and the prize money will be given.


All the details about the date, time and venue of the completion will be uploaded at the official web site very soon or will be telecast through the local channels. Auditions will be take place in all the districts. All the candidates are requested to keep in touch with the news and the web site.

MISS Himachal 2016 Audition Dates

Many of us must be familiar that Himachal Ki Awaz is a musical contest which is held in the state of Himachal Pradesh. After the success of season one of this contest, they are again back in the state. This musical event is held in the state to find out the new sensational talent in singing. The daily news of this event is published in a very popular newspaper of the state i.e. Divya Himachal. The auditions of this contest is held in the various cities and districts of Himachal Pradesh state. Auditions for this session was also held in various districts.

This musical contest is for both the age groups i.e. Juniors and seniors. Children who all are below the age of 16 years are eligible to participate in the Junior Himachal Ki Awaz contest. Whereas the children above the age of 16 years are applicable to apply for this musical contest in the seniors group. The application form to apply for this contest is available on the main web site of the Divya Himachal Himachal ki Awaz ( www.divyahimachal.com/himachal-ki-awaz/) . Interested people can apply for this contest by filling up the application form. The auditions for the 2017 are still running so hurry up apply for the auditions. The Himachal Ki Awaz 2017 Talent Hunt not released in this Year. The Next Season will be organised in 2017. Folks those are interested in this Show and Interst in Singing, you need will be fulfill soon. The Official statement will be released form the side of Divya Himachal Group. So the final organisation will be done soon. You just stay updated with Leading Himachal Website Lokvaani.in. Question ask any time.

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