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By | February 23, 2017

Indian Govt Free Antivirus MKavach Download Mobile Phones / PC Cyber Swachhta Kendra, Technology world & threats : free anti virus by Indian government : anti virus for android and windows : steps for the installation For (1) AppSamvid (2) MKavach Smartphone App (3) USBPratirodh.

Today’s world is a technological world and the technology is growing at a very higher pace. Now days almost every person is connected with the technology with one or the other way. As we know, at present there are maximum people in the country who uses smart phones and PC’ s etc. These are also the part of growing technology. In this cyber world the thing that should be paid more attention are the security measures. In the world of technology there are many types of threats also.

Indian Govt Free Antivirus Download MKavach / AppSamvid / USBPRATIRODH

In simpler words we can say that which so ever device is connected with internet can be hacked whether its a smart phone or the PC. To protect the devices there is a need of the anti virus. So giving preference to the security, the Indian government has decided to launch a anti virus for all the internet users. This anti virus will be for free and it can be installed in smart phones as well as in the laptops / PC’s. By this anti virus the people can take proper safety measures to protect their data and the devices.

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(1) AppSamvid Software For PC/Laptop

(2) MKavach Smartphone App

(3) USBPratirodh For USB Security

The government of India is very much serious about this project. They have given the name to this project is ‘Cyber Swachhta Kendra’. With the help of this project the government wants to provide full cyber protection to the users. To provide these safety solutions many engineers worked together at world level. Now very soon they are going to launch this free anti virus. Along with the free antivirus the government is also launching a special software through which the USB ’s can be protected. The name and details of this software and anti virus are…

Project name – Cyber Swachhta Kendra

Software developed by – CDAC Team

Type of software – Android, Windows, USB Protection

Name of mobile Antivirus – Mkavach

Name of USB Security – USBPratirodh

Name of Windows software – AppSamvid

As the use of internet is increasing so is the cyber crime and the hackers. There are many types of hackers who can break into the PC’s and the smart phones. Considering all these issues, the government has launched these different types of software and anti virus to provide security. Hackers also infect the USB drives by malware, infection or viruses which may not be detected by many of the anti virus tools. But the new software USBPratirodh, will add an extra layer of security to the USB Drive. By this software the users can set their user name and password on the drive. Then access to the USB drive can be made by entering the user name an password only. The software will also scan the drive and will protect it against any kind of malware.

These applications / software and anti virus will be installed for free and can be installed very easily on the devices. The easiest way to install them is given below…

MKavach App for Smartphone Download

  1. Access For Android User{App Store} Click Here
  2. The link will take you to the home page of the Indian government.
  3. Over their click on application link.
  4. Select the software and the device for which you want the installation i.e. Smart phone
  5. Click on install and then open.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions and then you can use the software.
MKavach Download

MKavach Download

For more information regarding these software you can visit the official link of Indian government.

USBPRATIRODH Software Download

  1. Visit the Link to download
  2. For 32 Bit || For 64 Bit
  3. Select the window you are using Like Window 7, Window 8 or Window 10.
  4. When Download Complete, Then click to run the program and Install with few steps command.



This thing is amazing. How we will explain here. With USBPRATIRODH You can add a USB Username and Password. This will make a Layer of Protection on your USB. It means the no one will access your Pen drive without your permission or stole your data.

The Main Secondary function of this is the USB Scanner. This will scan your USB from any malware and Virus attack. This make sure that your data will be safe.

AppSamvid Free Antivirus Download

The New application witch is introduced by the government is the AppSamvid. This is Free Antivirus Released by the Government to safe the Computers of the Indian users. This will protect your PC from Virus attack and Malware Attack.

AppSamvid Download

AppSamvid Download

This will be available on the Offcial Page. The AppSamvid will be download according to Window Version . According to this if you window is 32 then you can download 32 Bit Version

  1. Visit the Page of AppSamvid
  2. Now in the Page Below see the Download Section.
  3. Then you will see the software version like Window bit 32 or 64 with window 7, 8, or 10.
  4. Click on your window version and download then install it easily.

Window Versions Download BIT Wise Below

Window 7 32 Bit Download

Window 7 64 Bit Download

Window 10 32 Bit Download

Window 10 64 Bit Download