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By | December 22, 2016

Kerala Cattle Insurance Scheme | Go-Suraksha Yojana in Kerala Online Apply | Cattle Insurance Scheme in Kerala Application forms | Cattle Insurance Scheme Name GO-Suraksha.

Scheme Name – Go-Suraksha

Scheme Motive – Cattle Insurance

State – Kerala

Department – Animal Husbandry

Associated With – Kerala Live Stock Development Board / UIAC

Subsidy – 50% on Cow and Buffaloes Insurance

Premium Rate – 5.4% for 3 year  and 2.4% For 1 year Policy

Insurgence Will be Payed If – Permanent Handicapped , Loss In Milk Production or in Sterility.

The state government of Kerala is launching a new scheme in the state, keeping in mind the benefits for the farmers of the state who depends mainly on animal husbandry. Not only in Kerala state but across the whole country there are many people who depends on animal husbandry for their livelihood. The major source of income of farmers is the supply of the milk, eggs, wool, meat, animals, bullocks etc. Thus we can say the animal husbandry plays a major role in the rural areas of the society. So to benefit all such people a new scheme is going to be introduce in the Kerala state.

Kerala Cattle Insurance Scheme

The upcoming scheme is named as the cattle insurance scheme. As the name suggests, under this scheme the animals will be provided the insurance against any type of disease. The Cattle insurance scheme was introduced by the minister of animal husbandry, K Raju, on 15th of December 2016. This announcement was made by him on an inauguration function of a state level program for the prevention of animals from any type of foot and mouth diseases. The state government of Kerala is coming up with scheme after the complete observation of the youth and NRKs. They are coming forward to make an investment in the agriculture and animal husbandry sectors, so the state government decided to bring out a beneficiary scheme for such sectors.

The state government will soon start this scheme and will ensure insurance to the animals. As per estimated the state government of Kerala will provide insurance cover to about 40.000 cows in Kerala state, under this scheme. Moreover under this scheme, the cattles brought to Kerala state from the other states will also be examined by the animal husbandry department on the animal husbandry check posts for any type of disease. These check posts will be equipped with the latest technologies and facilities to make out a complete detailed inspection of the disease or the risk of the diseases and will also examine the livestock.

Go-Suraksha Cattle Insurance

The department of animal Husbandry is now all set to enforce this insurance scheme with the Kerala Live Stock Development Board and the United India Insurance Company. In Hindi this insurance cove scheme is named as the ‘ Go – Suraksha’ scheme. As mentioned above all the people who are having cows and buffaloes can now make them insured by this scheme. As per the authorities it is said that the cows and buffaloes will be insured with 50 % of subsidy. For three year policy they will give about 5.4 % of a premium rate whereas for one single year policy they will give about 2.4 % of premium. This insurance scheme will also be applicable in case of any type of permanent handicapped, or a loss in milk, production or sterility.

So this is a great scheme for all those people whose living depends on the animal husbandry and every farmer must apply for this scheme when it will be officially launched. This will help them out in taking care of their animals will also lead in a good quality of production. The more details regarding this scheme will be revealed at the time of the official release of the Cattle Insurance scheme.

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