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By | April 3, 2017

मुख्यमंत्री राजश्री योजना जो के राजस्थान प्रदेश के लीआ 1 जून से शुरू हो गए है। अधिक जानकारी के लीआ यहा से पढे.

Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana in Hindi (Rajasthan) Apply Online Shubh Lakshmi. The one of the most beneficial and amazing project, recently launched is Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana. This is formerly known as a flagship project which is launched by the Chief Minister (CM) of Rajasthan. This yojana is launched in the regards of basic masses of the state which will provide financial help to the girl child in the state of Rajasthan. There are so many cases in the state of Rajasthan where the girl child has been deprived from their basic right i.e. Education. So to preserve this right, the government has launched this project. The school education system or it can be said that the board of education has no such plans to bring out any effective plan to secure the right of the girls. So in regards the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Launched this project i.e. Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana 2016.

Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana

This project was presented on the annual budget report on the special occasion of International Women ’s Day i.e. 8th March 2016. Our country is a developing country but still there are some places where the girl child is considered as the burden on the family. Due to this discrimination, the state government of Rajasthan launched this flagship projects which is expected to bring the women empowerment and equality within the state. The girl children in such places needs to be provide good education and empowerment so that they can also live their life with the equal standards as the males do.

Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana is set up for helping the girl students in the schools of Rajasthan, by granting them the required financial support. These financial grants will be provided in the way of scholarships. This is mainly for those girl students who belongs to the financial weaker sections. The economically weaker sections don’t allow their girl child to study further or some don’t even send them to schools due to lack of money. So for such families and the girls, this project will give a helping hand and their girls can also live their lives with their heads high in the society. Honourable Chief Minister of Rajasthan Smt. Vasundhara Raje has finally decided to bring the equality on serving education to the women. The women empowerment will also be focused in this project and it is also decided that the government will take the strict actions against all the ill factors affecting the female education in Rajasthan state.

Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana 

The scholarship will be provided on time to all the girls belonging to weaker sections and along with it they will be served with the good quality of school education. This will help the girls in making a foundation path for their further studies and career. The project was officially launched through the annual budget report of Rajasthan for the financial year of 2016 – 2017 and the budget framed or demanded by this project is Rs. 99,693 crores. The services such as providing scholarships and other financial beneficiaries to such students will be fully managed by the Department of Women and Child Affairs, Rajasthan.

The project is for those who who will take birth after 1st of June 2016. So all such citizens will have to register themselves or we can have to apply for this Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana. In some places of Rajasthan state the women are prohibited to get quality education and exposure to their career, mostly the women of financially weaker section. Such families remain illiterate due to financial problems. So to bring equality and liberty for these families this project has been launched by the state government.

Rajasthan Government always do good and some beneficial for their state living persons or families. As   recently they also launched the new scheme for the benefit  for the new born baby  girls in the Rajasthan with this scheme they will trying to give  the better life, education and standard of life to the girls. As we know previously the place of the girls are not put up equal with the boys. So for providing the same place for both the gender they are now trying to   best of their level best. As this scheme come active from the 1st June 2016. And the baby girls who are born after the commencement of this scheme get the benefit of this scheme.  As the girls who are born in the poor families face so many difficulties like the not to go to the school as they are lack of the education and also face the big stigma of life like the early marriages. So to save the girl’s child from these type of problem this scheme is so much helpful.

Rajshri Yojana (मुख्यमंत्री राजश्री योजना राजस्थान)

जो लडकीया गरीब परीवार मे पैदा होती है उनको पैसो की वजह से या तो पढ़ाई बीच मे छोड़नी पडती है या तो उनकी जल्दी शादी कर दी जाती है परंतु जो लडकीया इस योजना के बिच मे आती है या जो इस योजना  का लाभ लेंगी वो लडकीया भविष्य मे अपने   पैरो  पर खड़ा होकर अपने भविष्य को सवार सकती है ! अत: आप सब को इस योजना का ज्यादा से ज्यादा लाभ उठाना चहिये और अगर किसी को इसके बारे मे नही पता तो उनको कृप्या करके इस योजना के बारे मे बताये!

Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana in Hindi

Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana in Hindi

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PM Garib Kalyan Yojana

This Scheme is basically Help the girls of Rajasthan. This Scheme is successful launched in Rajasthan. Now the wait to fill the applications forms is over the applicants those want to take advantages form any part of rajasthan, They can apply. If you have any trouble regarding mukhyamantri rajshri yojana then you can ask in the comment section of The website editor will reply you as soon as possible.

PM Ujjwala Yojana

PM Fasal Bima Yojana

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Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana Rajasthan and Other states start form 2017. Now 2017 start and if you want to take advantage of this scheme you need to apply online. To take benefit of this scheme you need to full fill. Now you know one thing is the this schemes only forth Girls. Under this scheme, government give 2500 rupees to the new born Girl. Last year this amount is 2100 rupees. Now 400 rupees increase in this scheme.

Conclusion of Scheme

To protect the girls from the society is the big  burden o every State. And to protect the girls from the evil of the society every Sate  start doing something for the girls. So like every State the Rajasthan also take the steps in  progress  of the girls.

Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana Rajasthan

The main aim of every  State that the if any family have to the girls child that can be rewarded by the Government but apart from it the parents by check-up if they know that the girl inside the  mother stomach then they get abortion. So this is really bad.  So that to protect the girls the  Government of the Rajasthan announced two Scheme namely Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana and  Mukhyamantri Saksham Baalika Yojana. These two projects are so much important and beneficiary for our society.  With the same the government can help every girl from the poor families for her educations and her better life.  In now days the education is very much important for everyone.  But due to the lack of the money many of the  parents now allow their children to go to the school . so with  the help of this scheme the girls can also go to the school and get the education like others.