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By | November 1, 2016

Online OPD Registration in PGI Chandigarh | AIIMS | Government Hospitals | Online OPD Registration in AIIMS Raipur | Online OPD Registration in AIIMS Bhubaneswar | Online OPD Registration in AIIMS Jodhpur | Online OPD Registration PGI Lucknow

Thanks to the revolutionary Digital India scheme initiated by the honorable Prime Minister Narender Singh Modi and his cabinet of ministers, Indians will now be able to book appointments for a particular date, time and specialization expert in any government and private sector hospital in the nation. This scheme is very benefiting for those of you who are accompanying elderly patients, kids or require urgent treatment by avoiding long queues. This scheme will be a very big help for all the patients who regularly need a doctor’s attention and they can easily make an appointment online now. Narender Modi and his government is working very hard towards getting the nation a step ahead of its present economy and is focusing on each and every aspect of the basic lifestyle. After launching many other schemes that benefit the underprivileged and the needy as well as improve general lifestyle by making it a lot more comfortable, the Digital India scheme is focused on digitalizing the nation.

Online OPD Registration in PGI Chandigarh

For making the process of getting and Out Patient number that signifies your visit to your doctor the scheme has an Online Registration System (ORS). Under the ORS all the citizens with a valid Adhar Card can book an appointment and get their OPD numbers assigned to them by using their laptops and a network connection. The ORS system is beneficial in making appointments with the specialized department that you seek help from without the problem of standing in a long queue outside the hospital. A number of private and government hospitals have already registered under the ORS and you can select which ever hospital is located near you and the date and time that you need to schedule your appointment for. The system will link your Aadhar Card with your OPD and derive all important details about you to fill in the registration form. Once you are done you will get a online registration OPD number with the details about the hospital and department showing your date of visit and time. The confirmation will also be sent to you on your mobile phone.

Online OPD Registration in PGI Chandigarh

The Online Registration System (ORS) enables the registered patient to do much more than just schedule appointments. Using the system you can avoid the long wait to get to your doctor and make a quick and efficient visit to the hospital. By linking your Aadhar Card with the system you get confirmation on your linked mobile number and reminders about your appointments. Additionally if your mobile number has not being linked to your Aadhar Card the system will create a Unique Health Identification number for reference in future. Linking your card to the system is done through Hospital Management Information System (HIMS).

Online OPD Registration in PGI Chandigarh

Online OPD Registration in PGI Chandigarh

Patients will also be able to check their lab reports through the portal by simply taping in their registration number and accessing the lab reports for their chosen hospital. Patients will also be able to get the detailed blood bank availability details from the registered banks of the hospital. Many hospitals are expected to join the system to avail the opportunity of easy management of patient inflow while at the same time managing crowds.


To register for the ORS you will need a laptop or PC with a working network connection and an Aadhar Card.


  1. To register on the system you need to open the official portal of ORS.
  2. You will then enter your Aadhar Card number so as to verify your identity.
  3. You will then be shown the nearby hospitals that are registered with the system.
  4. Choose your hospital and department.
  5. Choose your date and time of visit.

You will be sent a confirmation message with the details of your OPD number, date, time and department in it.

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The All names in the Above sections are having the Online Services Active Now. The all Medical collages and Hospitals are now online and You just need to book and Appointment to meet doctor. You can select you Meeting Timing and Doctor name. So this is one of the easy way to take appointment to any hospital The all medical facilities details also updates on the official website.