UDAAN Yojana (NAI) MOMA – Low Airfare Indian Government Details

By | November 3, 2016

UDAAN Yojana (NAI) MOMA – Low Airfare Indian Government Details, UDAAN Scheme Cheap Air Ticket Price Read Full Article in Details, UDAAN Yojana Low Ticket Scheme 2017.

We are here to share an amazing news with all of the readers. The amazing news is that the Indian government has launched a new scheme named as the Udaan Yojana or also said as Cheap Airfare Scheme. Now all of you must be wondering that for what this scheme has been launched. But not to worry we are here to give you complete details about this new scheme. We all are familiar with the fact that traveling by air is very expensive now days, especially for the middle class families. Some people also make such statements that traveling by air is a habit of rich people and they can only afford to board a flight to travel.

UDAAN Yojana

But now the things will change and peoples mentality will also be changed regarding the traveling through flights. The new scheme launched i.e. The Udaan Yojana will ensure that every single citizen of the India can afford to travel by air. Under this scheme the ticket prices will be made affordable for all the citizens of the country. This scheme has been launched by the Central government of India, on 21st of October 2016. The scheme is not only for few people but it will be available for all the people of nation. As the tag line of this Udaan Scheme says, ‘ Udey Desh ka Har Nagrik’. Officially this scheme was launched by the concerned minister, Mr. Ashok Gajpati Raju. The benefits of this scheme will be given from 1st of January 2017 on – wards.

Scheme NameUDAAN Yojana
Launched Date21st of October 2017
Launched by Minister Ashok Gajpati Raju
Moto of SchemeUdey Desh ka Har Nagrik
Scheme Activated from 1st of January 2016
Scheme UnderCenter Goverment

The scheme will prove to be beneficial for one an all. Under this scheme the maximum amount for the airfare will be charged as Rs. 2500 for 1 hour travel. So when any of the civilian want to take a flight for 1 hour so the maximum amount to be paid by them will be Rs. 2500 including all the taxes. Under this scheme 50 % of the seats will be reserved in the flights. It is expected that this scheme will be bring more of the passengers to the airlines and will benefit the people. Over 50 airports will be upgraded under this scheme and it will encourage the involvement of the domestic passengers. A fact also came in front that in September 2016 there is an increase in the domestic passengers by 23.4 %.

UDAAN Yojana Low Air Ticket Price

UDAAN Yojana

UDAAN Yojana

The best part of this scheme is that the candidates who want to travel by flight don’t have have to make any extra efforts to take benefits of this scheme. The passengers don’t have to register themselves or neither they have to fill any form. The scheme will be implemented across the country for every single member of the country who travels in the domestic class. The benefits of this scheme can only be enjoyed by the civilians from January 2017 only. This is a very helpful scheme launched by the government to benefit the middle class people. Now they can also afford to board a flight to travel across the country. Now it won’t be said that traveling by flight only suits to rich or high class people, with the help of this scheme now the middle class people can also take full benefits of boarding the air flights as the scheme has made the airfare so cheap.

UDAAN Yojana Some Basic Details

  1. Maximum Price of any ticket is not more then 2500 Rupees include all taxes.
  2. Under this Scheme (UDAAN Yojana) 50% seats will be reserved.
  3. In India 50 Airports will be Upgraded under this Scheme.
  4. UDAAN Yojana Will Increase the amount of Passenger and They easily travel at this cheap fair.
  5. This will enhance the Travel under domestic Passengers those want to travel by Air.
  6. Its is already seen that there is increase in the Passengers after the launch this scheme. The Hike is 23.4 Percent.
  7. The Airlines those may be come under this is Spice Jet, Air India, Kingfisher, Sahara, Fly Emirates.

Official Page – naiudaan-moma.gov.in

This is the Scheme for the Benefit of the Indian and this will Increase the Percentage of the Passenger those mostly Used Airlines. So They used this Scheme and Take advantages and Save there extra Money.