How To Complaint Against HRTC Employees, Number, Online Process Driver, Conductor

By | August 29, 2017

How To Complaint Against HRTC Employees, Number, Online Process Driver, Conductor, HRTC Employee Complaint and Get 1000 Rupees Prize Online into Account or in Office.

HRTC Complaint Number 98163-66004

HRTC MD Number  – 98163-66004

HRTC CGM Number – 94180-00528

HRTC is first Road Transport Corporation of Norther India. It is fully named as the Himachal Road Transport Corporation. This corporation was jointly formed by the state government of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab state government. This was done by both the state governments in the year 1958 but later in 1974 this corporation was merged to the single state government i.e. Himachal Pradesh state government. The corporate office of HRTC is located in the capital city of the state i.e. Shimla whereas the other divisional offices of this corporation is situated at Mandi, Shimla, Hamirpur and Dharamshala. At present HRTC has 2100 bus routes linking up the towns and cities of Himachal Pradesh as well as the nearby states as Chandigarh, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Delhi.

HRTC Employees Complaint Online

It was the brief description of the corporation, now coming to the point, we are here to inform all our readers that the state government has taken a major step to build up the discipline in the HRTC department and among its employees. The Transport Minister of the state Mr. G.S. Bali, recently stated that they are starting a new scheme in which the citizens can file a complaint against the HRTC employees and for the complaint they will be rewarded with an amount of Rs. 1000. This is a major step taken by the state government as well as the transport minister to build up the discipline in the HRTC department.

HRTC Driver Compliant

As the drivers and conductors in the HRTC buses sometimes misbehaves with the passengers, sometimes they over speeds, at some cases we all must have heard that the driver is drunk and is driving rashly, sometimes the conductor don’t give the tickets to the passengers etc. So, keeping all these things in mind this step is being taken by the state government of Himachal Pradesh. All the citizens who will complaint against such drivers and conductors under such cases will be given a reward of Rs. 1000. To file a complaint against such indiscipline by the HRTC employees, the citizens have to contact the head office of the HRTC department or the CGM of HRTC department.

HRTC Conductor Compliant

But for complaining, the citizen also has to show some kind of prof as they can make a video of the misbehavior of the driver / conductor or can take pictures of any kind of indiscipline. If the matter brought up was found correct then the citizen will be rewarded with the mentioned prize money and the driver or the conductor will be punished. The prize money can be collected by the citizen on the head office of HRTC or in case the citizen is not able to visit the head office then the department will send the prize money on their bank accounts. Moreover, if any of the serious matter came in front, then a FIR can also be lodged against the driver or the conductor. The department has also given some of the contact numbers of the officers of the department on which the citizen can complain by calling or by sending the pictures or videos on WhatsApp. The numbers are of M.D., HRTC, Mr. Ashok Tiwari – 98163-66004 and CGM HRTC, Mr. Raghuvir Chaudhary – 94180 – 00528.

The state government is sure that on taking such steps the HRTC employees can be made a bit more disciplined and the number of accidents occurring on the roads will also be reduced. So, all the citizens of the state must participate in this activity as it will help in bringing up the discipline in the HRTC department and moreover by doing this the citizens can also enjoy the benefits of the prize money.

HRTC Complaint Process Online (Driver, Conductor)

  1. Firstly if any One HRTC Employee Like Driver or Conductor not follow the rules in that case you can complaint.
  2. In this we Include Rash Driving, Misbehaving with Passengers, Drink and Drive, Take money but not give you tickets.
  3. Then you need to on your camera Phone and Make Video of that HRTC Person.
  4. Then you need to send this video on Whatsapp OR Call on  HRTC MD Number  – 98163-66004, HRTC CGM Number – 94180-00528 .
  5. If you complaint is Genuine then you will get 1000 Rupees form Near HRTC Office or get directly into your Bank Account.

The Numbers Those are Mentioned in this Website are correct and Genuine. These Numbers will be provided by the HRTC Department. With the help of these number you can get direct complaint on Whatapp.