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By | September 20, 2016

Shimla Green Tax for Tourist Online Fee | Charges Amount | Payment App, Green Fee Charged by MC Shimla For Tourist – App Download For Payment, Green Fee for Other State Tourist in Shimla 190 Rupees form App and in Lokmitra Kendra 200 Rupees.

Due to the rapid increase in tourists entering the state capital each year, the economy might be flourishing but the environment seems to be heavily depleting. This is the reason that the Municipal Corporation needed more funds to be able to manage the tourist spots and the serene beauty of the capital. The MC Shimla had devised the Green Tax or Green Tax for this purpose of raising its funds. The same will now be charged from tourists that are entering the state. Non-Himachali tourists will be receiving a informative message with the roaming message from their network carrier as soon as they enter the state. The official application to submit this tax has been prepared and the tourists will be able to pay their green Tax online through this application. In Shimla Now there days is one of the Most congested Places in Himachal Places. Its is Much Crowd for the Lots of Visit of Tourist form the pother state of India. So The Municipal decided to take the Tax or Green FEE form the Tourist so they have to pay of they come with there Own Vehicle. This money will be used for improvement and improve beauty of Shimla. So this is a Very positive step.

Pay Online Shimla Green Tax

This Tax will become applicable from the moment that the tourist will cross the boundaries and step into the state of Himachal Pradesh. To make the information more readily available the government and Municipal Corporation will employ many media channels. FM radio local frequencies will constantly air this advertisement with essential details of the Tax to create awareness among the travelers. The same purpose will also be fulfilled by huge hoardings that will line the roads as travelers enter the Parwanoo state border. These hoardings will be placed from Parwanu to Shimla border at regular distances to catch the attention of the travelling tourists.

Shimla Green Tax Charges List

Bike, Scooter, Scooty – 50 Rupees

Small Vehicles – 200 Rupees

Heavy Vehicles – 300 Rupees

Cycle and Rikshaw – No Tax

Validity of Green Tax – 7 days

Army Vehicles – No charges

Central Government Vehicles – No charges

Himachal Government Vehicles – No charges

Penalty for Not fill Green Tax – 5000 Rupees

The submission of this green Tax will be done through online app mode or by the courtesy of petrol pumps, lokmitra kendras, and state banks. The charges for the later may be higher than the fee charged by the app. While tourists that pay through the mobile app for green fee will be charged Rs. 190 for the same, the offline modes of paying through local banks, petrol pumps, and lokmitra kendras will be Rs. 10 extra.

Green Fee Charged by MC Shimla For Other State Tourist

Green Fee Charged by MC Shimla For Other State Tourist

The tourists that are travelling to the state by trains or state transport buses will not have to pay the green fee. The Municipal Corporation is expecting to raise at least Rs. 15 crore per year through this fee. The Tax will be charged from the personal vehicles and taxis that are not from the state. The department has opened a separate bank account for this purpose and all the funds raised by this mode will be employed strictly towards beautifying, preserving, and maintaining cleanliness in the environment of the state.

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Green Tax Charges in Shimla for Tourists

The locals that have vehicles with number plates of other states will be able to escape this Tax by following a simple process. By getting a permission from the department they will be able to stay safe from the greenTax. Along with the RC of the vehicle, these vehicle owners will have to submit many documents that prove their domicile. Once granted permission the vehicle number will be added and displayed in the green fee exemption list that will be available on the app too. The cars that will be automatically exempt from this fee are: army vehicles, government vehicles from the state or central government.

Shimla Gree Fee Tax Fine and Management

A task force that will make sure that tourist vehicles have completed their green fee submission duty will be employed within the next few days. GreenTax will be applicable from September 15th and this task force will also be positioned at various areas by then. Anyone caught in violation will be liable to be fined upto Rs. 5000 by the officers. The Green fee app will be able to track down tourist vehicle making the job easier for the officers to track down violators. Additionally the MC will have complete mobile data of the tourists that visit the state thanks to this scheme, thereby assisting indirectly with law and order of the state.

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19th September 2017 – Form 19th September In Shimla there is Green Free Charges start form the Tourists. Places Where you Pay the Green Fee list Below.

Green Free Start form – 19th September 2016

  1. By Online App
  2. Patrol Pump
  3. Lokmitra Kendra
  4. Bank
  5. Nagar Nigam Cash Counters

So there are the Different Ways to Pay Green Fee in Shimla. To aware for the Green Fee the MC Shimla Place Hoardings form Parwanoo to Shimla in the various places. On 19th September on Parwanoo Barrier MC Distribute paper advertisement to aware about the Green Fee Shimla. With This when you Enter into Shimla then you Get A message to Pay the Green fee for Shimla. SO this is the various Information panels those inform you Time to Time. So Please Pay the Green Fee and Help Himachal Green and Clean. Thanks for Your Support.