Himachal Pradesh First Traffic School in Dharamshala District Kangra

By | November 26, 2016

Himachal Pradesh First Traffic School in Dharamshala District Kangra | HP State 1st Traffic School in Winter Capital Dharmashala.

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state of India, which is located in the northern part of India. The state is a complete place with all the dense green forest, mountains and a good healthy environment. The formation of this state was done officially on 25th January 1971. 25th January is also celebrated as the Himachal day in the state. The state is bordered by J & K on the north, Punjab and Chandigarh on west side, Haryana on the south west side, Tibet Autonomous region on the east and Uttarakhand on South east. The literal meaning of Himachal Pradesh is ‘ in the lap of Himalayas.

Himachal Pradesh First Traffic School in Dharamshala

There’s a lot more to elaborate about the state and its natural pure environment. But we are here to discuss about a new achievement in the state. It will be a amazing news for all the residents of the state. Recently the state government decided to open up a traffic school in the state. Now the state government is all set to open this school next month i.e. December 2016. It will be the first traffic school of the state, which will be open at the winter capital of the state i.e. Dharamshala district. The capital of the state is Shimla district but Dharamshala is known to be as the winter capital of Himachal Pradesh. So the state government has decided to open this first school in Dharamshala only.

This is an amazing news and was also mandatory. As the graph of road accidents in the state were increasing day by day. The reason behind these increasing accidents is the unawareness of the traffic rules. So keeping this thing in mind the state government finally decided to open the traffic schools in the state. In this school the classes will be conducting regarding the traffic rules and the basic road manners which the civilians must follow at the time of driving any vehicle. When the course will be completed the Police Department will also conduct a exam, to check the students. The best part of this school is that the students can learn any of their selective course regarding the traffic.

HP First Traffic School

In this school various Traffic Volunteers will also be made up by the Police Department. These traffic volunteers will guide all the vehicle holders and various drivers of the state regarding the proper driving rules and the rules and regulations of the traffic. After the completion of the course the students will also be given the membership of Road Safety Clubs. The recent graph of road accidents shows that the highest number of accidents in the state took place at Kangra District and to reduce this road accident graph this school is set up. The traffic volunteers will be given the complete permission to guide all such drivers on the road who are driving rashly or not obeying the traffic rules.

Superintendent of Police Mr. Sanjiv Gandhi said that the first traffic school will be opened in the Dharamshala Police Line. The state government hopes so that by giving such kind of education related to the traffic rules and driving tips the graph of road accidents will be reduced. If this first school achieved a great success than such types of schools will also be opened in various parts of the Himachal Pradesh state. The Other Updates Regarding the Location How to Reach Traffic School and Direction will be updated soon on the Lokvaani.in. Question You May ask in the comment section.