HP Government Farmer Field Safty Scheme, Mukhyamantri Khet Sanrakshan Yojana In details

By | November 10, 2016

HP Government Farmer Field Safty Scheme Mukhyamantri Khet Sanrakshan Yojana In details – The Chief Minister’s Scheme for funding the farmers in the state for field safety has failed immensely in the state this year. The scheme is been called the biggest failure in implementing a development scheme because not even a single application was filed by the farming population of Himachal Pradesh. After the failure of this farm conservation scheme the government and the Department of Agriculture are working on changes that need to be implemented for making the scheme more agreeable for the farmers. As per the budget allocation that was done for this scheme, the farms that are under the danger of crop attack by grazing animals and strays will be getting solar boards for their safety.

HP Government Farmer Field Safty Scheme

The original plan was that the applying farmers were to be allotted 60% of the budget money to use for securing their crops from stray and wild animals that would otherwise graze and destroy the crop. But as it turns out, since the implementation of the scheme, not even a single application was filled by any farmer or gardener in the state to take benefits associated with the scheme. This has raised a serious issue in scheme implementation and trust issues of the farming population in the scheme. Not even one farmer in Himachal Pradesh approached the state Department of Agriculture and Forestry to avail the financial assistance, raising issues in the proper administration of the scheme. The Farming Land Conservation Scheme was launched by the Chief Minister of the state.

Himachal Mukhyamantri Khet Sanrakshan Yojana

As per recent updates, the Department of Agriculture under the jurisdiction of the State Government, is now looking into the matter with a lot of seriousness. They will be forming reports that detail the reasons of the failure of the original schemes, after thorough reviewing of which, they will relaunch the scheme with necessary changes and better benefits. The scheme may also undergo technical changes to make it more appealing for the general public. Solar Powered fences are intended to keep the land free from grazing animals. As per recent news, the Department has formed a new plan of educating the farmers and gardeners by personally visiting the various villages and holding seminars and demonstrations about the same. This new drill in educating the farmers is intended to create more awareness of the benefits associated with fencing.

The officials from Agricultural Department will be visiting the various villages that are prominent in farming and gardening. These officials will be approaching the farming families on a Panchayat Level and will be educating them on the benefits associated with fencing to keep away grazing animals. By solar fencing their lands, the farmers will be able to protect their land and crop from undue destruction caused by the wild animals. This method is expected to cover and protect a large area within its limited budget and without any unnecessary cost losses resulting in high profits and cost efficiency.

Agriculture Minister Mr Sujan Singh Pathania has cited the reasons of failure as the less budget allocated per applicant in the scheme. He said that because the money required for fencing is large, a mere 60% contribution from the Government was proving to be inefficient for the farmers. He also said that this is why the Department of Agriculture under the permission of the state government plans on increasing the budget allocation from 60:40 to 90:10. Under the new changes, the government will be providing the farmers with 90% of the money and the farmers will have to contribute just 10% finance to the same.

The Department of Agriculture conducted this assessment and has recommended the changes for discussion in the Cabinet. Once approved the changes will be made in the scheme, which will then grab more attention by the farmers.