Lalit Singh Himachali Singer – The Pahari Project Songs Zaalima, Tantra, Dhattu

By | April 21, 2017

Lalit Singh Himachali Singer – The Pahari Project Songs Zaalima, Tantra, Dhattu, Pahari People and the Pahari Project : new song to be released by Lalit Singh : music video also released on youtube.

The people living in Himalayas are basically known to be as the Pahadi People or it can also be spell as the Pahari People. The majority people of Indian states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are known as the Pahadi people. Whereas some ratio of Pahadi people are also in Nepal , Pakistan etc. In Jammu & Kashmir also there is some ratio of Pahadi people. The name Pahari is derived from the word Pahad / Pahar which means hill and refers to the Himalayan region in India, Nepal and Pakistan. These 3 countries have Pahari inhabit. These was the description of the Pahadi people but we are here to discuss about the Pahadi Project and the new song released by them.

Lalit Singh Himachali Singer

The Pahadi project is a solo project which was started in the month of December 2015. The producer of the project is Lalit Singh and this project was started in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. The idea for this project was also came out of the mind of the producer Lalit Singh. He believes that the Pahadi music or the pahadi songs are stuck into Himachal Pradesh only. So he wanted to make pahadi music a big industry as like the other music trending now days.

Lalit Singh Himachali Singer - The Pahari Project

Lalit Singh Himachali Singer – The Pahari Project

The music and the songs in Himachal Pradesh are very heart touching, beautiful and it relates us to the traditions and culture of Himachal Pradesh. Lalit Singh want to bring up the pahadi music to the next levelin the musical industry. The Pahadi Project was started in the capital city of HP, Shimla.

Lalit Singh Songs

In the Pahadi Project the pahadi music / rythm is collaborated with the western music and then a complete song is being made. The first release of Pahadi Project was ‘Dhattu’. This song was a great hit as in this song a good quality music was presented for the Pahadi people. In this song the main representation is of the Mother’s Dhattu with a great Music. Dhattu is a part of Himachali dress which the ladies of Himacl Pradesh wear on their head.

Dhattu Lalit Singh

The second release by the Pahadi Project was a song named as ‘ Tantra’. This song was dedicated to Lord Shiva, as in Himachal Pradesh or we can say in Himalayas, Lord Shiva is praised the most among-st all the Lords. This music video was also a great hit and was liked by numerous people. Now the Pahadi Project has released their new music video which is named as the Zaalima.

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This song and its video is officially released on 11th April 2017. In this song the music /vocals and lyrics are given by Lalit Singh himself. Whereas the direction and the Editing is done by Deepak Roach. The actors performing in the video of Zaalima are, Sujata Sharma, Lalit Singh, Urvi Kanwar, Ricky Rajpoot, Rohit Chauhan, Hitesh Mehta, Arun Roach, Varun Sood and Sandeep Mongul.

Zaalima Lalit Singh Song

The Zaalima song is their 3rd release and it is a romantic song which is based on a triangular love story. Till now the video has get many likes on youtube and other social networking sites. The video is available on youtube and facebook. The concept and story direction of the video is really amazing and the song is mind blowing. So we suggest every one to watch out the video and we hope that their 3rd release will also became a major hit.

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Taantra Song Lalit Singh

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