LAMAN Band Songs Kaali Ghagri || Piya Na Jaa || Bhole Baba Video Youtube

By | October 9, 2016

LAMAN Band Songs Kaali Ghagri || Piya Na Jaa || Bhole Baba Video Youtube | Himachal Pradesh One of Rising Band LAMAN Songs List MP3 and MP4 On You Tube Videos. Laman Contact Information | Phone Number Address or Email ID.


Kaali Ghagri

Piya Na Jaa

Bhole Baba

Raviye Unplugged 

LAMAN Band Songs Kaali Ghagri

LAMAN Band Songs Kaali Ghagri

After the raging success of their songs Bhole Baba and Kaali Ghagri, Laman is a band that made home in the hearts of a huge number of Himachali hearts, delivering Himachal folk music with all its beauty and essence of freshness to each and all. Laman which is a Folk and Semi classical band from the state of Himachal Pradesh offers every ear the recreated melodies long lost in the white noise of the present world. The band delivers spectacular performances in all the shows and captures new hearts every where it goes. Their very first song video ‘Bhole Baba’ grabbed the award for the ‘Best Music Video of 2014’ in the Shimla Film Festival 2014.


BAND MEMBERS- childhood friends Abhishek Bisht and Shishir Chauhan are the pillars behind the band Laman. The idea of naming the band name after a long lost Himachali Folk song ‘Laaman’ fully justifies the music they make.

THEIR WORK AND GOALS :  The videos by the band Laman portrays the simple and serene beauty that is Himachal. With the touch of Himachal folk blended into classical music and the heart warming sights of the state of Himachal, these songs are a delight to watch and listen to. Aiming to bring back the folk into the present music culture, Laman’s sole focus does not only span to Himachal Folk Music. For Laman the goal is to cross boundaries and explore folk music and blend them with the serene natural sites that exist in all the different states of India. Piya NA jaa now theses days one of the most listen song of Laman. With this Kali Gaghri is also on this chart. So now laman is one of the Most popular band according to Youth. Few year back Mohit Chauhan Band Silk Route also very popular. But the after the separation of the Mohit, and Other band Members. Now the All Songs of Laman is very interesting and show you the Himachali Culture and Himachal Lok Gatha. So we Requested you to list all the songs of Laman and Share it on your social media pages do out youth know about this Band and Himachali Culture may alive.

Band NameLaman
Band MembersAbhishek Bisht
Shishir Chauhan
Song GenreHimachal Pradesh Folk
Songs1. Kaali Ghagri
2. Piya Na Jaa
3. Bhole Baba
4. Raviye Unplugged
Band Related to Mandi District
Official WebsiteNot Yet

LAMAN Band Songs Kaali Ghagri

To slip out of the daily rush and hustle bustle with white noise making up most of the ‘Music’ these days,how long have you waited to listen to something ethnic? Laman fulfills your long wait of a ethnic sounding band with all the natural bliss of folk well-preserved and brewed in some classical touch. With goals set high of restoring back the rich heritage of the Himachali Folk Music Laman is bound to soar high judging by the rapid rise to success that the band has witnessed in such a short time. If your mind wants to take the back seat while your ears bask in pure musical joy and your heart is filled with picturesque views of some of the most exquisite sites of nature remember to check out the music videos by the band and leave them a like. LAMAN Band is basically represent the Himachali Culture. One of my Favorite Song is Kaali Gaghri. This song is basically a Sad cum Folk Song. The Song Deepness touch tour Heart. The voice of Vocalist is Good and the Song composition is alos very good. There days himachali Cultural songs and Himachali Folk songs not sung by many Singer. In the Bollywood Movies Other Languages Promote, But as Compared to Himachali Language there is Only 1 or 2 Songs Hardly. So we need to Promote our Cultural Songs. I am very happy to Know abut Laman Band. 1st day when i Hear songs of Laman Bank, i Decide to Write a Post on Laman. Today i did. If you Have any Suggestion or Any other Information You want to share with website, Please comment in the following Comment Box.

All The Videos Are Here form You Tube:- 




Raviye Unplugged (Amazing Song) 

For All the Himachali Music Lovers, LAMAN is well Known Name Now these Days. Now These days a Trend Running in Youth, that they listen Hard Rock, Punk, Metal and other Type of Music. Some of You are never Heard the Old Himachali Singers Songs and Himachali Singers. So This is the Band that introduce you to the himachali folk with new tone and Music. The Music of Laman is very soothing to ears, and Very Heart Touching. So we write a Post on Laman Band to Explore Himachali Music. We wish that in future we heard more songs of Laman.

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