Leh Ladakh (Lahaul) Permit Online For Bikes, Tourist Taxis, Procedure

By | April 21, 2017

Leh Ladakh (Lahaul) Permit Online For Bikes, Tourist Taxis, Procedure. Online registration are now open for the  Leh-Ladhak to get the permit to visit at that place. So it is the  decision of the department that if the visitors want to visit in the place of the Leh Ldhak then you have to apply  for the same and get the online permit for the same.  As per the news that the most of the visitors take the permit to visit in the Leh-Ladhak and they can also visit the Rohtang pass. So the guys be alert at this time because the department of the Tourism of the Himachal Pradesh make the big changes of the same. But don’t worry if you really want to visit at the Leh-Ladhak then you have to get the online permit just sitting at home.

Leh Ladakh Permit Online

As this time the department will be very alert and secure at their side.  Now the visitor if you want to visit at the Lahul and Leh-ladhak then you have to take the different permit  for the different places.  That it is important for all the vehicle that they should have the permit to visit at that places.  As if you don’t follow the rule and regulation of the department then the department will be enrolled in the  black list of the defaulter and you will not be able to visit again here and will also have to submit the fine for the breaking the rule and regulation of the department.

At this time the department will follow the rules and regulation of the NGT and at this time they are very seriously working on the same and if any of the vehicle will be caught without any permit then the illegal act will be applicable on the same vehicle. So to carry this project forward the department will be fully ready at this time.

Leh Ladakh (Lahaul) Permit Online

Leh Ladakh (Lahaul) Permit Online

As if you don’t follow the rule of the department while visiting in the Leh-Ladhak then in future you are able to cross the barrier point. As per the knowledge that the  department will feed the  list of the vehicle at the Gulaba and Koksar in the computer. After the direction of the NGT both the two barrier will be  setup with the hi-tech facility. So the distt. Department and State department will  already on the progress.

Leh Ladakh Permit Online Separately

The permit will be check at the every barrier online via internet. And only the 800 petrol and 400 diesel vehicle will cross the barrier daily. And the government electrical buses will also be in the services of the  visitors.  As with the help of the electrical buses the environment of the himachal Pradesh will not be get polluted.

Vehicle who get the permit:-

  • 800 Petrol vehicle.
  • 400 Diesel Vehicle.
  • Electrical Government Buses

They already know that last years so many vehicle will break the rule of the  department but in this be carefully because the department will take up the serious action against you.

According to Mr. H.R. Bairkha the SDM of the Manali  will make the announcement that if anyone break the rule then the  said vehicle will be enrolled in the black list  of the department and in future that will be not to allow to enter and cross the barrier.

Lahaul Permit Online

So now if you want to visit  the Leh-Ladhak  and make the enjoyable trip then make sure that your online permit be get  ready. Here I will also tell you that who are able to get the  online permit :

  • Only the owner of the vehicle will be able to get the permit.

Rohtang Pass Permit Online

Document required for the applying online permit:-

  • Valid Registration certificate of the Vehicle more than 10 years.
  • Valid deriving licence.
  • Pollution fee certificate.

So after submitting your online application of the  permit after that you  can also check the status of you application and also check the number of the vehicle who  get  the permit on the same day.

Get Leh Ladakh Permit Online

  1. Visit the Website admis.hp.nic.in/ngtkullu
  2. The go to the section apply for Permit Online.
  3. In this you have to select the Option Leh Ladakh Permit Online.
  4. Fill the application form Correctly with name and Vehicle details.
  5. Submit the Form and then take the Print out of the permit with you.