Odd Even Formula in Shimla 2016 MC Traffic Control Rules & Regulation

By | November 25, 2016

In Himachal Pradesh Odd Even Formula in Shimla 2017 MC Traffic Control Rules & Regulation, ODD AND EVEN FORMULA MAY BE IMPLEMENTED IN SHIMLA, Munciple Corporation Shimla Take decision to Control Traffic. Read all Rules for Buses, Trucks, and Tourist Vehicles Cars, SUV and Bikes. 

The very new Odd-Even Formula suggested by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal might find supporters from shimla rooting for it. Not only do the Shimla Mayor Sanjay Chauhan and Deputy Mayor Tikendar Pawar support this idea of the CM of Delhi ,they are planing to soon evaluate the results and then implementing the same in the city. While the Delhi state government has planned the even-odd formula to decrease the Pollution levels of the capital, the at home problem of Shimla remains the ever increasing traffic jams in the city. To fight this, the mayor has suggested that the Odd- even formula might be a cure for the same.

Odd Even Formula in Shimla

The Delhi ODD EVEN FORMULA will be put for a test drive in the nation’s capital from 15th January, and the authorities of MC shimla are going to be observing the results with a keen eye. In a meeting with the press the Deputy Mayor suggested that instead of the proposed one way circular road to control traffic havoc in the State Capital, the odd even formula might be a much easier and affordable approach to the problem.

If the statistics shine a bright light on the current transport situation , about 46% of the population is completely dependent on public transport for their daily traveling. About 45% choose to walk and 9% use their personal vehicles. With its reputation as a tourist spot, most of the seasons in Shimla witness a huge amount of tourists traveling to the state in their own vehicles.

Odd Even Formula in Shimla 2017

Odd Even Formula in Shimla 2016

Odd Even Formula in Shimla 2017

Shimla hosts tourists twice the amount of its original population each year. With 60 thousand registered vehicles under the State MC , the number doubles when tourist vehicles enter the state during peak seasons. Hence a normal 20-minute journey may take you up to 1 hour or more because of the frequent traffic jams. We hope the mayor and deputy mayor all the luck in their project of making traveling in the State capital easier.

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Now One year passed when the Municipal Corporation Shimla Think about the Odd Even Formula in Shimla State. Odd Even Formula in Shimla is very effective if it is implemented. But till now one year passed and There is no Progress in This Format. Now in the 2015 this announcement was done and Now the Year is come to End and Till now there is no any work on it. We are also on it and Think when this is implemented and We see clean and Traffic Free Shimla. This is Our Advise to Shimla MC that they have to start work on it.

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