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By | June 21, 2017

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Nation Green Tribunal released a New statement regarding Tourist Vehicles. They give permission for 200 vehicles in one week for 2 different days. It means in one day only 100 vehicles and other day 100 vehicles allowed for Rohtang. This is only for the personal vehicle. This is not for Taxi. This facility is available for 75% out of Himachal and 25% for Himachal Tourists. This is not fare with the Himachali tourist. If any one violate rules of Green Tribunal then he has to pay 5000 rs fine.

Rohtang Pass will be start form 24th of May 2017 for tourists. If you want to Visit Rohtang Then you need to take permit and then you will allow to visit it. Till now in Rohtang 3 Feet Snow is already and it will be remain for few more days. Only 1200 Vehicles will be allowed by the Government in a Single day. In this 800 Vehicles of Petrol and 400 Vehicle of Diesel will e allowed. The permit will be only give through online way. Till now the tourist visit Madhi only. Permit Fee will be 500 Rupees. For small vehicles 50 Rupees and heavy vehicles 100 rupees Congestion Fee will be taken. Lahaul spiti and Pangi people no need to give Congestion fee.

The nation knows Himachal Pradesh as the tourist capital and the scenic beauty that they can get from a single visit to this state. Known for its winters the state keeps attracting tourists all through the year including summers when the tourists choose to visit the areas that are frequently covered with snow and the roads are closed. To all the tourists who have always had the dream to visit Rohtang and Lahaul Valley or those who are regular visitors to this area where beauty resides in all the corners the government has come up with a great scheme. Rohtang Pass is the Part of Kullu Velly. Now in the summer, this is is one of the place you find Snow fall and Enjoying holiday Stay. Few year, The crowd is more in the Rohtang pass. So now the government of Himachal Pradesh Announced that they will give Rohtang Pass Permit to the some for the vehicles fixed per day. So now the tourist form the other state have to wait for the One to 2 days to visit Rohtang darra.

Online Rohtang Pass Permit

This is a Hard step but it is a Good step to protect the nature of Himachal Pradesh. This will make the Beauty of Himachal Also. Because most travelers like to travel at their own comfort in their own private vehicles to grab each and every specter of mother nature , it has always been difficult to attain a vehicle permit to enter lahaul valley and rohtang which in itself is a hectic procedure and was only possible to be done manually by visiting the limited authorities that had the right to give permits to these vehicles. Also most of the visitors had to cancel their plans as earlier the number of diesel and petrol vehicles that were allowed to enter into these parts of our beautiful Himachal Pradesh was very limited. Now the new scheme is that the visitors can attain a permit online by simply following some very basic steps and this hassle free mode of booking Rohtang Pass Permit before hand and getting an uninterrupted and easy entry into the valley of Lahaul and Rohtang has got the attention of tourists all over the nation.

Rohtang Pass Permit

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Rohtang lies 52 kms away from Manali and earlier the tourists had to get their permits from Gulaba Barrier , Tourist Information Center and Commercial Vehicle Operators Union Office in Manali and this was quite a hectic procedure and would cause unnecessary hindrance and disturb the journey of the tourists. While most tourists had to resort to public transport to visit the beautiful Rohtang pass, most had to return from Manali. This is now over and all the tourists can easily get themselves their Rohtang Pass Permit Enter into Lahaul and Rohtang. This process will result in the tourists getting a SMS from the authorities and the visitors can get their permit easily by showing this SMS to the stationed authorities at Gulaba Barrier in Manali.

Rohtang Pass Permit For Bikes

The other good news is that the number of vehicles that can enter the districts from Manali has now been increased. Earlier the district administration had fixed the daily quota of 325 diesel and 400 petrol vehicles managed by the Himachal Taxi Operators Union and the Luxury Coach Association at Manali while permits were provided for just 75 diesel and 200 petrol vehicles. This number included the Rohtang Pass Permit for state transport and private buses too and hence was very limited. This year in summer the district will be open for 500 commercial vehicles from Manali , 100 commercial and 100 private vehicles from the rest of the state and 300 vehicles from outside the state.

Apply Online Rohtang Pass Permit


If you are one of the tourists who are planning to visit the distant parts of Himachal Pradesh, Rohtang and Lahaul Valley , then to register for a permit online you must visit the site of the Himachal Pradesh Permit Association at


  • Click on this link and fill in the details of your visit and your car registered number.
  • When you have filled the online application form and fees you will get a SMS from the authorities.
  • Show this SMS to the authorities stationed at Gulaba Barrier in Manali
  • They will issue you a written Rohtang Pass Permit.
  • In there days of Summer Rohtang Velly if Full of Tourist. Most of the Tourist are care form the Near States Like Punjab, Haryana Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand.
  • So enter into this Velly, You have to Take the Permit and Then enter into it.
  • Without the Rohtang Pass Permit Online You may face any trouble form the Officer of Himachal Pradesh Government.
  • So stay awake and be like a Good India, Do your Duty will full of Energy and Enjoy the Stay in Himachal Pradesh, The Land of Gods, also call it Dev Bhoomi.

Rohtang Pass Permission

Online Rohtang Pass Permit Process In Hindi

Online Rohtang Pass Permit Process In Hindi

Remember this permit is valid only for the time mentioned in the permit confirmation SMS and will be valid only till the location that you take it for that is LAHAUL VALLEY or ROHTANG or both. The Rules will be made for to save the nature of the Himalaya. So that the Himachal Pradesh Government announced that the Rohtang Pass Permit will be given only for the 200 Petrol Vehicles and Limit Diesel Vehicles. So after that this will maintain the decorum of the Valley. The counter for the Rohtang Pass will be closed due to issue regarding the System. The Local people sold the Pass in 2500 to 3000 Rupees to the Tourist and Make more profit. So to stop this the Online Pass Permit will be established. 

Rohtang Pass Permit Online

Rohtang Pass Permit Online

To go to the Rohtang Pass You need the Basic thing witch are required. The 1st Thing you Need is the ATM Card. So this will help you to take extension in Permit for More days. 2nd thing is the Mobile Internet Service. You need to Activate the Mobile Internet so if you Want to Spend More time in Rohtang, Then you have to Pay online Permit fee. So there are the Basic Updates.

Rohtang Pass Permit Timing

The Pass Timing will be available Online.

Requirements for Visit Rohtang

    1. ATM Card
    2. Mobile Internet

Rohtang Pass Permit Price

Every Day Only 1200 Vehicle Allow to Rohtang.

Petrol Vehicle Allowed – 800

Diesel Vehicle Allowed-  400

Special Vehicles – 100-100 Vehicles 2 Times in a Week

10 Year Old Vehicle or Motorcycle, are Prohibited to Enter Rohtang.

Fee for Rohtang Pass (Low, Heavy Vehicle) – 500 Rupees.

On Barrier – 50 Rupees .

Rohtang Pass Officially Closed from 14th November 2016

Rohtang Pass Every Year Closed in case of Heavy snow Fall. Now on 13050 Ft Rohtang Vehicle at working Position. Like Every Year there is two Forces Placed one is in Kokas and 2nd is in Madhi. Vehicles those cross Rohtang they have to register there name and Vehicle number on both Posts. These Posts will be help you in case of any miss happening. Now these days Roads good and there is no Snow fall in November. But after few days the situation will be worst and some time the Hight of Snow will be 50 Feet. So this is very Dangerous those days. In some places Like Kullu and and Lahaul Water start freezing. On the Both Posts these is a Rescue teams Placed. Each team having 18 Peoples in witch some are experts. So we Advise you if you are going to Rohtang, then you have to be very careful. We advise you to now travel in Between November to March. When the Roads Open the Rohtang Pass Permit Start Again in new year 2017. So then you have to follow the process and Easily take a Pass.

Rohtang Pass Permit 2017

Now 2017 start and Form the starting month of January 2017 heavy snowfall. Now after April 2017 the Rohtang Pass Open for the Tourist. Like last year this year the Rohtang Pass Permit Online will be start. So this is inform to all the tourist that after Manali if you plan for Rohtang Pass, then you need to take Permit. Because limit amount of Vehicles will be goes in one day. So you need to take permission and Have to pay for this.

As if you want to apply for the Online Rohtang Pass for the tourism purpose then you should have to follow the strict rule of the department who issued you the same pass. As to obtain the Rohtang pass you must have to submit the Valid Pollution Certificate and your vehicle registration certificate so that they will issue you the Rohtang Pass. Now the winter season of the Himachal Pradesh is on its end the tourism of the Himachal Pradesh is starting . Many of the people or visitors from the other States as well as from the other countries start visiting in the Himachal Pradesh for the relief in the summer vacation.  As the Tax is also be pad on the daily basis. This is ass is valid only for the one day for your visit.  As on the day of the Tuesday no pass will be issued due to marked maintenance of the Rohtang. You can apply for the online pass before the two days   of your visiting in the place.  As there is information that only 800 petrol and 400 Diesel vehicles get the entry in the place you can get the permit through online. So if till date you don’t apply for the same then hurry and make visit to the beautiful place of the Himachal Pradesh. Rohtang Permit

Guys we already aware you about the Rohtang pass permit. If you want to visit the Rohtang Pass then you have to take the Permit for the visiting according to your vehicle.  As we know that now many of the visitors outside of the Himachal Pradesh are coming from last two week in the Rohtang Pass.  And as per the news total 1800 vehicle are caught by the Police without permit and now they are going to be punish with the  fine. So why you take the chance of the same. Now to get the Rohtang pass permit is very easy. You can get the same just sitting at home.   Owner of the Vehicle or any of the other persons who want to visit the Rohtang pass can apply for the Rohtang Pass. This permit will be valid only for one day. So if you go in morning then it is very important to come back in the evening. So guys don’t do any illegal act just apply and get the permit and visit the Rohtang pass. Wishing you a happy journey.