Richa Sharma Himachali Singer Song Kangan, Saayen Saayen State Folk

By | April 21, 2017

Richa Sharma Himachali Singer Song Kangan, Saayen Saayen State Folk .

Himachal Pradesh bringing out singing talents : song covers the tradition and culture of Himachal Pradesh : song to be heard by all the generations.

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state of our country. The state is located in the Northern India and touches the borders of Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab / Chandigarh, Haryana and Uttarakhand from north, west, south west and south east respectively. The state is famous for its natural beauty, temples and hill stations. The capital city of Himachal Pradesh is Shimla and the winter capital of Himachal Pradesh is Dharamshala.

Richa Sharma Himachali Singer

Richa Sharma Himachali Singer

Richa Sharma Himachali Singer

The Himachal state has also given many talented people to the world. Here we are going to discuss about a singing talent of Himachal Pradesh, Richa Sharma. Richa Sharma is a Himachali girl belonging to the winter capital of the state, Dharamshala. Richa Sharma became popular among the people from her latest song named as ‘Kangana’. Richa sharma sung this song in her beautiful voice and thus maintained the beauty of the Himachal in her song as well. The song is a traditional song or we can say a folk song of himachal Pradesh. Richa sharma kept in mind the tradition and culture of Himachal and then sung the song very beautifully.

Richa Sharma Himachali Singer Images

Richa Sharma Himachali Singer Images

The music video of this song is also released on youtube and on various other sites. The song and the video is liked by many people and the likes are increasing day by day. ‘Kangan’ is mainly a melodic folk song of Chamba. In this song the feelings and emotions of a girl is expressed at her Roka ceremony. The ‘Israj’ part of the song is played by Arshad khan, who has also performed in Coke studio and the music is given by Haider Ali. Whereas the flute is being played by Ajay Prassana ji and all of them has given their tribut to Late S. Preetam Singh ji, through this song.

Richa Sharma Himachali Singer Songs

Richa Sharma Himachali Singer Songs

The best part regarding the music video of this song is that the video has been shot in beautiful places of Chamba i.e. Bharmor and has also shot the mighty Dhauladhars. The Dhauladhar range is also shown in the video of ‘Kangana’ song. The songs which are made up today are covering maximum the western styles which are mostly liked by the youngsters but not by the old age people. But the songs sung by Richa Sharma are complete traditional are holds very soft music. Thus the songs by her are liked by all the age group people. Mostly the song is liked by those people are completely attached with their traditions. The video will also mold those people towards their culture and traditions who are from Himachal Pradesh but due to any reason are staying outside the state.

Laman Band Songs

Songs of Richa Sharma (Source – Youtube India)

Kangan Song Richa Sharma

Earlier also Richa Sharma has also sung various songs, one of her another popular song is ‘Saayen Saayen mat kr Raavi’. This song was dedicated to River Raavi which flows from the heart of Chamba. Moreover the River Raavi also have an traditional and cultural impact on the people of Chamba and the people of Chamba are emotionally attached with the River Raavi. This song was also liked by the people of Himachal Pradesh. The songs by Richa Sharma is giving the pepople a direction to re – live their traditions are cultures as due to modernization many people have gone far away from their traditions.

Saayen Saayen Song Richa Sharma

The ‘Kangana’ song is also playing an impact on people of Himachal Pradesh. So we recommed all our readers to watch out this new video of Kangana song by Richa Sharma, on youtube.

Waqt Ne Kiya Richa Sharma

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