Triund Trekking Registration Online (Campaigning) New Rule & Regulations

By | January 8, 2018

Triund Trekking Registration Online (Campaigning) New Rule & Regulations. Every one want adventures in their life. Some of the persons having the adventure in their life  naturally and some persons want to be the part of the adventure.  There are so many type of the adventures games but the tracking is the most favorite adventure . youth  of our world  going  for the tracking every years. And the Himachal Pradesh is the most favorite place of the tracking . every years thousands of the  visitors come to the Himachal Pradesh for the adventures. And there are some famous places for the tracking.

Triund Trekking Registration

So now the department has decided to be  start the online registration for the world famous  adventure game tracking in the Himachal Pradesh.  As per the news in the Mechlo of the Dharamshala  Distt. Kangra The glue Check post will be decided to become the registration office by installing the biometric machine.  So that the  Forest Department and Tourism department of the Himachal Pradesh will have the  list of the tracker enter in the Himachal Pradesh . This list will be the online list.

The online registration  for the tracking will be started from the next month i.e. from May 2017 and if you have planned to come with your friend for the tracking in Himachal Pradesh then you will have to firstly  do the registration for the same.  Department will    design and prepared the website and  software for the online registration.

Triund Campaigning Registration

So that the persons who are going to the triund for the tracking the department will have the list of the persons going for the tracking. This online  record will be very useful to the department so that when they are in trouble by tracking the same the department will provide them the sufficient help to them.

The forest department with the help of the Tourism department and Police department of the Himachal Pradesh get  start the online registration  of the tracker. So they will start the online registration of the visitor with the help of the new software from the first week of the May 2017.

Leh Ladakh Permit Online

Department  with the help of the NIC make the software and   glue check post  be the office of the online  registration.  There are the Forest department, Police department and one technical person be appointed for the online registration of the tracker.

Rohtang Pass Permit

Mcleodganj Triund Trek Registration

No person will be allow to install the tent at any place of the tracking. The department will  sign only 11 sites of this place where the visitor will install their tent for rest. Every year in the tourism season more than 30 thousands  visitor will be come in the Himachal Pradesh  for the tracking. As in the year 2015-16 the visitor come to Himachal will be 25 thousands but in 2016-17 the number of visitor be 35 thousands.

Triund Trekking Registration

Triund Trekking Registration

Triund Trekking New Rule and Regulations

If you not obey the rule of the department then you will  have to pay the fine for the same.  The list of the fine be below:-

  • Without permission if you install the tent then you have to pay fine of Rs.5,000/-.
  • Without registration if you go for tracking fine will be of Rs.200/-.
  • If you play the sound system in high voice the fine will be of Rs.500/-.

Mr. Parveen Thakur, Officer of Forest Department: the online registration of the  Tracker going to the triund will be started from the next month.