Mukhbir Yojana (Informant Scheme) Uttar Pradesh Cash Prize Scheme

By | June 27, 2017

Mukhbir Yojana (Informant Scheme) Uttar Pradesh Cash Prize Scheme | Yogi Adityanath Mukhbir Yojana For Abortion of Fetus.

Dear Reader today I am going to introduced you with the new scheme launched by the Uttar Pradesh New Government.  This scheme basically known as “Mukhbir Yojana“. Under This scheme they provided the reward of Rs.2 Lakh to stop the feticide in the State of Uttar Pradesh.  Here I give you the full details and information regarding this scheme.  From this post you all will come to know how you can get this reward of Rs. 2 Lakh and how you can apply for this Yojna. So let’s come with me and read the full article carefully. I write this article in very easy language so that everyone can understand the same. And in any how  if you don’t understand any of the  line of our post you can contact with us and comment in the comment box.

Mukhbir Yojana Uttar Pradesh

Yogi Adityanath Ji the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh on 24th June 2017 introduced the public with the new scheme i.e. “ Mukhbir Yojana”. So the main aim to launch this scheme to stop the feticide cases in the Uttar Pradesh. This is the great initiative scheme launched in the Uttar Pradesh by the Yogi Aditya Nath ji. Under this scheme the Government of the UP will provided the cash reward of Rs. 2 Lakh.  To take the action of this scheme   a team will be made and it will operate in all the areas if the Uttar Pradesh. After this team will identifying the culprit and after the same they will inform the same to the government. And the cash reward will be given to each member of this team.

Number of Member in Team of Mukhbir

So the team will be made by the Government in the each area. In this team there total three members in the team of the ‘Mukhbir Yojna’. i.e. one of the Official of the Mukhbir and two other members are one pregnant lady and one helper. So this three member of team will work in this scheme. As we already know that scheme like this already work in the State of the Rajasthan.

Cash Prize For Mukhbir Yojana

  • Mukhbir reward: 60,000/- Cash
  • Pregnant lady: Rs.1 Lakh cash.
  • Helper: Rs.40,000/- cash.

Eligibility criteria of Yogi Mukhbir Yojna in UP:-

The eligibility criteria for this scheme are that this team will work in the State of the UP. And the team members will be selected by the State and central Government of the India. In this only one pregnant lady and one helper are eligible to  for the same. So if you are interested in this scheme then you can apply for the same.

Mukhbir Yojna

Mukhbir Yojna

If you want to apply for this scheme then you have to make the visit in the nearest health center of your area. After visiting in the offices you will have to collect the information regarding this scheme. And after understanding all the instruction you can apply for the same.

After the apply for this scheme, firstly you have to know that how this team will work for this scheme of Yogi Mukhbir Yojna

  • Firstly the team have to find the illegal abortion centre in the area.
  • Now as per the plan the pregnant lady with the helper have to g in such abortion centre.
  • Now they have to set all the siting operation with the centre.
  • Now they will pay the notes with the chemical and medicine to easily detect the culprits.
  • Now after getting the same they will identified the culprits and arrested by the police.
  • And finally the each team member will able to get the reward of Rs.2 lakh.

Name of the Yojna : Yogi Adityanath Mukhbir Yojna

Launched by : Yogi Aditya Nath CM of UP

Date of launch : 24th June 2017

Reward amount : Rs. 2 Lakh in Cash