HIMUDA New Flat Distribution Scheme 2016-17 Solan, Dharamshala, Dharampur

By | November 13, 2016

HIMUDA New Flat Distribution Scheme 2016-17 Solan, Dharamshala, Dharampur, Jathia Devi Shimla.

HIMUDA Nahan, Kala Amb, Dharamshala 355 Flats Distribution Scheme

On 12th November the HIMUDA Released the Latest Notification regarding the Flats Distribution in the Nahan in Sirmour, Kala AMB also in Sirmour, and Dharamshala in Kangra District. The Applicants those Need this Flats they have to apply Till 31st of December 2016. This is a Huge Time To apply.

Amount Paid – Applicants Those apply for this they have to Submitted the 10% Amount. Applicants Those apply last year or Before That, they get Priory in Distribution.

Flat / Plot Distributions

Place                                                    Total Flats                     Square Meter                              Price        

Nahan (Tirlokpur)                                  110 Flats                              66 to 250                                7400 Rs Square Meter

Kala AMB (Moginand)                            Plots                                   60.14 to 264.20                     9000 Rs Square Meter

Dharamshala (Sidhpur)                        14 Flats                                99.50 to 123.90                       37.81 to 47.08 Lacks

Starting Date f0r Apply – 12th November 2016

Last Date for Apply – 31st December 2016

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Taking another major decision before the completion of its term, the HP State Government is considering building numerous new residential blocks and colonies in the various districts of the state. These colonies are each expected to house about 250-300 families in them. The state government will partner with the Himachal Housing and Urban Development Authority (HIMUDA) to complete this new project for providing well-built government residential apartments to thousands of families this year. For the purpose the HIMUDA will be purchasing 5 acres of land in 56 cities of the state as well as their adjoining areas. In 2012 69 thousand people had applied for government residents and these citizens will now be given priority in allotments in these colonies. The houses will be build in PPP mode and the allotment process will begin soon, starting with the 2012 backlog of himachali residents who had applied for the lodgings.

HIMUDA New Flat Distribution Scheme 2016

This official announcement was made by the City Welfare Minister Suddhir Sharma when he disclosed that HIMUDA has already started acquiring land in numerous cities of the state for this purpose. The smaller lands that the department is acquiring will also be utilized in the construction of the colonies. While earlier, the department used to purchase a single site of land spanning more than 30 acres to build its colonies, now, the process will be more segregated as the department has managed to only acquire 5 acres on a stretch at different areas of the cities. These will be constructed as separate sectors of the HIMUDA colony. The minister elaborated that because HIMUDA was unable to purchase a single span of land that could house a complete colony, the government has agreed to allow the department to build the new colonies sector wise by purchasing these smaller lands at different places. Dharampur, Solan, Dharamshala, Jhatiya Devi are also some major cities where HIMUDA has purchased land.

HIMUDA Flat Draw Scheme 2016

The 69 thousand applicants that had filed applications under the 2012 Demand of Survey for plots and flats under the state, had been patiently waiting for the government to take initiative in this matter. After this long time, these applicants can finally expect to get their own flats in the state thanks to this initiative. The colonies built in various cities this year by the HIMUDA will be granted to complete this backlog and deliver land for the people that had filed applications in 2012.

HIMUDA New Flat Distribution Scheme 2016-17 Solan, Dharamshala, Dharampur

HIMUDA New Flat Distribution Scheme 2016-17 Solan, Dharamshala, Dharampur

Inspired from the organizational level that exists in segregated states like Chandigarh, the HIMUDA has decided to create sector wise colonies where each sector will be named. Each 5 acre sector will house about 250-300 residential flats for the families of applicants of 2012. Additionally, each sector will also have a school, a hospital, and will be connected to the city with a proper road.  This opportunity will be a great way of decreasing the population that is currently residing in the hustle bustle of the cities.

HIMUDA New Flat Distribution Scheme for 69 Thousand People Residence Plan

  • HIMUDA New Flat Distribution Scheme Solan
  • HIMUDA New Flat Distribution Scheme Dharamshala
  • HIMUDA New Flat Distribution Scheme Dharampur
  • HIMUDA New Flat Distribution Scheme Jathia Devi Shimla
  • HIMUDA Old Flat Distribution Scheme Running Now
  • HIMUDA Flat Distribution Scheme Kullu
  • HIMUDA Flat Distribution Scheme Shimla Division 1
  • HIMUDA Flat Distribution Scheme Shimla Division 2
  • HIMUDA Flat Distribution Scheme Parwanoo Division
  • HIMUDA Flat Distribution Scheme Mandi Division
  • HIMUDA Flat Distribution Scheme Dharmasala Division
  • HIMUDA Flat Distribution Scheme Electrical Division

The government as well as the HIMUDA department will also open registrations for the people that are currently residing in the main cities. The families that have built their homes in the crowded cities, will get a chance to apply for a house under HIMUDA as soon as the registration process is reopened. Prioritizing the 69 thousand applicants of the 2012 demand of survey, the remaining plots will be available for open contest between the other citizens of the state. This will be a great way to decrease the crowd that has settled in the cities, and will also be a breather for people that are looking to get away from the noise and hustle of the main areas. HIMUDA Stand for Himachal Housing and Urban Development Authority. HIMUDA Basically Related to Property and Flat Distribution Under the Control of Government. Under the HIMUDA Schemes, People Get Flats and Plots under Government Rates. So this is the Main Purpose of the HIMUDA. Now these days Property rates are very High in City as compered to Villages. So HIMUDA work on that and they developed the villages also to make flats and Flats on sales in the village ares. This will help the villagers and local people to grow. So The Next Scheme of HIMUDA in 2017, and this is for the Dharamshla and Solan.