Izzat Ticket – Railways Poor Pass Izzat Scheme Karnataka 2017

By | February 2, 2017

Izzat Ticket – Railways Poor Pass Izzat Scheme Karnataka 2017 | Karnataka Government Izzat Scheme, Railways Poor Pass Name Izzat Scheme.

As per the estimated records it is clear that the Karnataka state has the highest number of poor people whereas the Chhattisgarh state has the lowest number of poor people across the country.

So for such a huge number of poor people, the state government of Karnataka is bringing out their fuller efforts. They are bringing forward different types of scheme which are beneficial for the poor people in one or the other way. The Karnataka state government has again brought forward a new scheme which is known as the Izzat Scheme. The word Izzat refers to the concept of honor.

Izzat Ticket

So to give Izzat to the poor people this new scheme has been launched. In this Izzat scheme the poor people are given free passes to travel in the Railways. This is for the increase in the standard of living of the poor people and they can travel in the railways with dignity. In this scheme only those persons will be beneficiary who comes under the Below Poverty Line. All the BPL people of the state can apply for these free passes under this scheme. They just have to make sure that their monthly income is not more than Rs. 1500. In the Karnataks state the monthly fee for the daily travel up to 150 Km is estimated around Rs. 25. But there are many people in the state who works under such unorganized sector that they found it expensive. In simple words we can say that these people can’t afford one way expense of Rs. 25.

Scheme State – Karnataka

Eligible Person – Income less then 1500 rupees

Monthly Fee for Travel – One Way Travel (Everyday)

Kilometres – 150 km

Rupees – 25 Only

Eligability Criteria of Izzat Scheme Karnataka – This is basically for theLow income peoples in india. in this scheme if your earning is less then 1500 per month, then you are eligible for izzat ticket.

Keeping in mind such people this Izzat scheme has been launched. The free passes of railways will be given to such people for their daily travel expense. This will help them out in traveling to work from home and from home to work. Moreover when free passes will be issued than such people can also make out some savings out of their income. The motive of this scheme is to help out the lower income groups of Karnataka state.

Railways Poor Pass Izzat Scheme Karnataka

The scheme was officially launched in 2009 – 2010 by Mamta Banerjee and after that the scheme is being continued till now. The previous records says that in 2015 – 16 therailway divisions issued around 1.89 lakh Izzat passes in which Karnataka was the state to account for the highest number of passes i.e. 72,016. No doubt the number of people applying for these passes are decreasing as per the years passes. As it was recorded in 2013 that 3.19 lakh people claimed for Izzat passes but in 2014 – 15 only 1.62 lakh people claimed for these passes. Now the number of people claiming in 2016 – 17 will reveal that the numbers are falling or are firm.

Benefits of Izzat Scheme

The main benefit of this scheme is to empowerment of poor population of india. This will help them finincially. It is said by the state government that they will continue this service for free as long as their are poor and deserving people in the state. So all the people in the state who have lower income can apply for this scheme. They can fill the application form to claim for these free railway passes under the Izzat scheme. This will help the poor people to travel across the state and will also bring some quality change in their way of living. As the state government has a main objective to see the poorest of poor to travel with dignity. They are none other than a part of our society so why to differentiate among each other at income levels. This is a major step taken by the state government for the betterment of the lower income groups.

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