Solution – JIO Network Problem – 4G Speed Slow, How to Resolve and Place Tower

By | October 2, 2016

Solution – JIO Network Problem – 4G Speed Slow, How to Resolve and Place Tower in Village or City, How to Contact JIO for Signal Issue, JIO Signal Strength check, JIO Sim Setting for Signal. JIO Low Speed Internet How to Solve Problem.

JIO Network Problem Solution - No Signals, How to Resolve ? Place Tower

JIO Network Problem Solution – No Signals, How to Resolve ? Place Tower

Reliance JIO a telecom venture of Reliance Industries is spreading across the country at a very higher pace. The launch of this SIM was done few months back but officially it was available to all the users from 5th September 2016 on – wards. The launch was officially conducted by Mr. Mukesh Ambani and he said that now anyone can get this JIO SIM card. Earlier this JIO SIM was only for those who uses LYF smart mobiles or the Samsung smart phones. But from 5th of September anyone can use this SIM if their mobile phone is 4 G compatible. Through the means of Reliance JIO, they are serving the nation with a high speed internet, unlimited data and free voice calls. The unlimited data and the free voice calls service will only be activated for three months i.e. From September 2016 till 31st December 2015. Then from 1st January 2017, the charges will be applied for these services.

JIO Network Problem Solution

The popularity and the demand for this JIO SIM card is increasing day by day, so is the problems. As the users for this SIM has reached a very higher number and now they are facing many problems related to this JIO SIM. The problems are occurring related to the proper installation of the SIM, network problem and the users are also complaining that now the speed of the internet is also decreasing. The are various other problems also which the users are facing. But to make an efficient use of JIO SIM, the user must have a 4 G compatible smart phone, as JIO is a 4G SIM and will only work on a 4G compatible phone. The other thing that the users must keep in mind that their phone must be 100 percent VoLTE, by this only the user can make voice calls over the network.

How JIO Network Problem Resolve

Now to resolve all such kind of problem and the problem related to the network and speed of the internet, they now decided to plant new towers in various towns and cities. It is estimated that Reliance JIO now covers 18,000 cities and over 2 lakh villages where they have their network towers. They are also in a process to build up more towers in the remaining cities, so that their can be good network available with a high speed internet. By making up such efforts the problem taking place with Reliance JIO can be solved. Mr. Ambani siad that they have a target to cover the 90 % of India with their network till March 2017. They are also planning to roll out the Wi-Fi hotspots across the country.

JIO Tower Placement

Till December, 2016 all these services are free but from the next year they will charge the services. They said that they will provide the cheapest data in India. As the service charges will be less than the other mobile networks. In Reliance JIO the customers will also get a facility of free roaming. With all these services the users will also get an pack of various entertainment services in their JIO apps. Now there Days JIO is the Best Network in India. But form Few days when the Costumers will be increased, Now the Network issue are coming in various city as well as villages. The Call Drop issue is very common in JIO now there days. Of you want to make a Call STD then it will be connect after 4 to 5 attempts. So this is the Big issue. Many times it says, that the all lines are Busy. So this is the Main issue. When to call form JIO Sim to Airtel or Vodafone Number, There is 50% chances to connect with that. Most of the Time it is call drop. So this is the Issue and Company may think about it and Make Solution as soon as possible. One solution we want to share with you, when you face more call drop, you need to select the manual network of JIO. After that restart your phone. It will resolve some part of your Problem. With time the problems related to JIO SIM cards will be solved and Mr. Ambani also said that now they will use KYC to activate the SIM cards faster. As now the users have to wait for a day to activate their SIM. But now with this service the user can get the JIO SIM on their Aadhar card number only and the SIM will be activated within 15 minutes. The various other solution to the JIO problems are given on the official site of Reliance JIO.

How to Fix the Issue of JIO Network, Firstly Check these Things – 

  1. JIO Sim only Work in 4G Mobiles. If your Mobile is Duel sim then the One Port is 4G and One is 3G. So check that your put the sim in the right port.
  2. The Compatibility Band of JIO is 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz,
  3. The Phone Should be on the LTE working Mode. If not then Go to the setting section and Then Mobile Network and Proffered Network section selected. The data slot selected 4G Slot.
  4. One thing is Main of You Get the Message for Accessibility then you have to switch off and Then on you Phone.

In Jio Data and Call Setting will be default. But if It is Not working then follow the instructions Below.

  1. In the Access Point Name – jionet.
  2. Call Setting will be done automatically.

Jio network problems and how to solve them

With the announcement of the government’s fully supported network, Reliance Jio has made some big promises to the people and is currently struggling to keep them up. with the recent call drops and frequent loss of internet connection, most people who have bought the Jio sim from registered retailers are currently facing issues with sim activation and network connectivity. There have been many Jio speed throttling issues that customers are complaining begin after a few days of sim activation. Because Jio offers completely free usage of 4G downloading, unlimited video/voice calling over 4G and messaging, usage has hiked after the official release of the free sim with preview offer. Many users complaining of a speed cap issue with the 4G, worried about an unknown limit beyond which the network speed caps and begins to throttle.

The Jio customer care maintains that the preview offer is completely an unlimited usage offer with no cap in speed and data usage and recommend that the problem might be with the server you are using for downloading and streaming content. Here are some of the most common causes of concern for Jio users and their possible solutions. You can try our solutions and let us know if you benefit from them.

Verification process for Jio sims

To know if your sim is ready for tele-verification or to get the sim verified you will have to follow certain steps.

  1. Dial 1800-8901-977 from a different mobile than your Jio number
  2. You can dial 1977 from your Jio sim
  3. Select your language and then proceed with entering your phone number
  4. Wait for some time and follow the instructions.
  5. If your number is ready for tele-verification you will have to enter your identification details to begin receiving signals and the benefits of the preview offer.
  6. If your number is not ready you will get a message that your number is still under processing for verification and you have to wait for a message to begin tele-verification.
  7. Upon receiving the tele-verification message insert the sim to your 4G phone and generate the token.

Speed throttling issues with Jio Sim

If you have problems with the network speeds after you have activated your sim and are using it on a 4G LTE network supporting phone or a dual sim phone with atleast one 4G supporting sim slot, you can try some tricks that we have for you. These problems might be manifesting in many forms. Speeds available on Play Store and Youtube but issues in other websites and apps using internet, Play store loading slowly but Youtube working fine, Browsing speed acceptable but downloading speeds terrible, hotspot speed on phones works fine but connectivity on PC or MAC is poor are some common issues with Jio speed.

While the services are going to be commercially unveiled in a few more months, many users are feeling cheated after the promises that the preview offer made. The customer care can simply state that the plan is still in its beta form and is not fully launched to register a complaint against. Here are some ways you can try to speed up your Jio network.

  1. Make sure you are connected to Band 40 for using 4G to get the best speed
  2. Reconfigure the APN settings with :

APN Name: Jionet

Authentication: None

APN Type: Default, supl

Bearer: LTE

Reboot your phone after changing the APN settings.

  1. Make sure all Jio apps are available on your phone
  2. Change the mobile location and check if the signal improves.
  3. Use USB tethering instead of Mobile Hotspot for better connectivity on your PC/MAC
  4. Clear your mobile cache
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