Kerala Civil Supplies New Ration Cards Status 2017, Application Forms FSA 1st February

By | November 25, 2016

Kerala Civil Supplies New Ration Cards Status 2017, Application Forms FSA 1st February, Kerala : Check Ration Card Details Online NEW RATION CARDS TO BE ISSUED FROM 1st FEBRUARY 2017.

Hey everyone we have brought up a new notification to all the Ration Card holders in the country, who have applied for the new Ration Cards. Many of the citizens must be aware that few months back the central government assured to make up new Ration Cards. Now the latest news is that our honorable Civil Supplies Minister Mr. P Thilothaman, in a recent meeting on Sunday said that the new Ration Cards will be issued in the next year i.e. 2017. The distribution of new Ration Cards will be started from 1st of February 2017. On that press conference he also stated that they have a target to distribute all the Ration Cards by 1st of April 2017.

Kerala Civil Supplies New Ration Cards Status

After 1st April the Ration Cards holders can buy there goods through their new Ration Cards and then the goods won’t be allowed to be sold on the old Ration Cards. These Ration Cards will be allotted on the basis of new National Food Security Act and it would first be implemented in Kerala. After the implementation of the Act the candidates will be divided into two categories i.e. Above the Poverty Line (APL) and Below Poverty Line (BPL), these will be done by the priority and non priority sectors. The list for the priority category is already been published and if any of the candidates is having any kind of complaint they can submit it to Taluk Civil Supply offices before 30th October.

Under the priority list there are about 1.54 crore citizens who will be eligible to buy food grains at the reduced rates as mentioned by the central government. the citizens can check the priority list by accessing to link as moreover the hard copies of the priority list is also made available with the Ration retail outlets and in the Taluk Supplies Ration offices. From panchayat offices also the copy of the priority list can be taken. The complaints submitted before 30th October will be look over by the verification committees which include Rationing Inspector, Village Officer, Panchayat Secretary, ICDS Supervisors etc. Then these officials will make out the best suitable decisions on the complaints before 15th of November. Any further appeals can also be submitted within 7 days and further the final decision will be out by 1st of January 2017.

Kerala Civil Supplies New Ration Cards Status 2017

Various citizens of the country are also excluded from the priority list. The exclusion is made on the basis of the income of the citizen. If any citizen possess a house of more than 1000 square feet, 1 acre of land and a four wheeler then such candidate will be excluded from the priority list. Moreover the people working in any of the government office or in public sectors and bank will also be excluded except from those candidates who works as a class 4 employee and is of SC and ST category. Serious action will be taken against those people who will be in the priority list in-spite of being ineligible. The minister also clarified that they have get 14.24 lakh tonnes of food grains to be distributed among the ration card holders. Which include 80 % of rice and 20 % of wheat, it is expected to be more than the requirement to be distributed.

Civil Supplies Kerala Ration Card Status

Visit the Main Official Page –

Then Check out this page will be open Given Below.


Then this Page you see the Link where write View Ration Card Details

Then Click on it and There is other page open.


In this Page you need to enter your Ration Card Number and Captcha Code.


Then Press Submit.

Check our Status and Details.

Further to know the more benefits of the new ration cards and more details to get the new ration cards, people are suggested to keep in touch with the site as mentioned above.

As  in our here we updates you with some important  notification that you can also check the ration card going to be distributes in the Kerala online. You can check the ration card  status via online way. If you found any mistake in the same you will have to immediately information to the concerned official staff so that you will get your ration card in proper way. So the citizen of the Kerala by visiting the official staff of the department of  Food, Civil supplies and consumer affairs. As this is only valid till they will not give you the same. As soon as possible please check it and correct the mistake if you found in it.  As this is the most important duty of the Civil supplies Department to distribute the Ration card to the public. as soon as possible they are going to start the  distribute you ration card and till that time you will have to wait for the same.

Here we also gives you the steps so that you will check it online status of your ration card:

  • This is to the beneficiaries that login to the officials site given above.
  • Now you will have to click on the ration card status details.
  • Now check it properly and if you found any mistake then  click on the report on icon.
  • Now submit it on the same way.

Ration Card in Villages is the basic Requirement. On Ration Card your Get Every Thing on Controlled Rate. Controlled rate means the all thing we get under Ration Card they are Under Government Subsidy. So this is the Main thing all the peoples take all the things those come in Ration Card. In Kerala Civil Supplies New Ration Cards are Now made and Under Price, They will be delivered to the Public form the February 2017. Now you just need to check out the status of the Ration card and Know you Steps easily. So get ready and Visit the official website of Kerala Civil Supplies and Check out 2017 New Ration Cards.

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