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By | May 8, 2017

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About Namaste India : opportunity to start up a business with Namaste India : method to start up a business with Namaste India.

Company Name – Namaste India Food Pvt. Limited

Investment – 35oo Crore

Dealership Investment – 1.5 Lakh to 2 Lakh

Min Product – Milk, Other Products

Distributorship For – Retail Outlet

Company Office – Ghaziabad, Jhansi, Noida, Kanpur, Haridwar, Alwar, Chitradurga Karnataka, Sagar Madhya Pradesh

GM – Ravi Tiwari

Delhi-NCR – 50 Field Executive

Namaste india is an Indian Diary Company which is completely named as the Namaste india Foods Private limited. The company is fully committed to supply milk and fresh milk products. The head office of this company is located in place named as Shivrajpur, which is about 31 Km away from Kanpur Nagar. The company is having thousands of collection centers in various villages and it is expected that it will be extended to around 2000 villages in the upcoming 2 years. Through these collection centers the company will supply milk and milk products in various cities and town. Namaste India Food Pvt. Limited is a company of Rs. 3500 crore adjoined with RSPL group.

Namaste India Dairy Franchise

Namaste India is now giving a chance to work with them. The recent notification reveal that they are giving a chance to people work start a business with them. There are many people who wish to start up their own business but are unable to do so because of lack of start up platform. So now Namaste India is giving a platform to all such people to start up a business/ Make Namaste India Dairy Franchise Details of milk products with them. Namaste India is giving their franchise to New Delhi – NCR and to various other states of the country. For these franchise they are looking for more and more people to be as a distributor of Namaste India. Joining up with this company can be very beneficial to people to start up their business.

Get Namaste India Dairy Distributor

To start up a business with Namaste India it will cost around Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 2 lakh. The General Manager (sales) of the company revealed that they have around 8 retail outlet and very soon are going to open up more stores. For opening the stores the company will give their investment and even the incentives will be given to for the sale in their store. The another method to open the store is that the people can up their own investment of Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 2 lakh and than the person will be the owner of complete retail outlet income. The income from these stores will be complete based on the sale of milk and milk product.

Namaste India Dairy Dealer

The company is mainly focusing on the getting more and more distributor and retailers. To become a distributor and a retailer the persons will have to visit the registered office of Namaste India. The other offices of Namaste India is located in Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Jhansi, Uttarakhand, Kanpur, Rajasthan and Karnataka. After registering on any of these offices the executives of the company will make a field visit. If they found that the place is good for the sale of milk and milk product then a retail outlet will be opened on that place. The purpose of making these new retail outlets is also to provide job opportunities to the unemployed.

Namaste India Dairy Retailer

Till now around 50 field executives have been made in Delhi – NCR. Along with the salary the executives will also be paid up with the incentives. Along with this work the executives can also work on any other field if they want to but on this proposal they have to make sure that they will only have to make sale of Namaste India dairy products. So all the people who have a dream to start up their own business Namaste India Dairy Franchise can apply for this new opportunity. Whereas for more details, the interested people can make a visit to the official web link of Namaste India.

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