PM Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY ) in Hindi Apply Online, Crop Insurance

By | December 26, 2016

PM Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY ) in Hindi Apply Online, Crop Insurance पीएमएफ़बीवाई (प्रधान मंत्री फसल बीमा योजना) स्कीम भारत के सभी जिलो में शुरू हो गई है। इस योजना का किसान लाभ उठा रहे है। आप भी इस योजना के बारे में पूरी जानकारी ले कर, इस का लाभ उठा सकते है। 

PMFBY Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana in Hindi Apply Online Crop Insurance:- Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana started by the PM Modi in year 2016. In this yojana The farmer insure there Farm or we say crop form any Disaster Fire and Flood. So this is Scheme in witch the Government give you the full money that is destroyed by the Act of God. So this is basically a Very good Scheme. Now there days the Insurance company no to do. But now the Government announced that the applicants download the Application form for this scheme, Apply for this and Then you will secure. Now the other updates Like Crop Wise Insurance Lika Gahu Wheat, Makki, Bajara, Sarso, Chona in Punjab, Narma In Punjab. Punjab Government also step forward in the Scheme of Insure you Crop and Give you a Proper Benefit. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana was Released few month back by the Indian Prime Minster. The main moto of this scheme is to provide Insurance to to the Framers those Crop will be Harmed by any kind of Natural Disaster. So this may be Heavy rain, Fire or any thing witch is under the Fasal Bima Yojana. Now Government of India Give Insurance to the all effected Farmers those Do there insurances at Time. So this is the best part. No need to worry about it. Any thing to your crop, the government will pay the whole amount witch is lose. So now till now thousand of farmer take advantage and  now its your turn to take advantage of this scheme.

PM Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana

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PM FASAL BIMA YOJNA has been launched on Wednesday after approval of the Union Cabinet for the same. The Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme 2016 will enable the Indian farmers to breath easy this year from the upcoming Kharif season when it will apply officially. Under the PRADAN MANTRI FASAL BIMA YOJNA 2016 farmers will pay a uniform premium of 2 percent for all kharif crops and 1.5 percent for the rabi crop growers. Now these days we Listed about lots of News form the Farmers suicide and thins is verY bad for our country, In hindi farmer also called The Annadata. So if out Annadata do suicide then whats will we do. In every state every year some for the Crop will be spoil due to heavy rain fall or some time due to no rain and the Crop will not properly. So now few months Back our Government and Our PM Announced the Scheme for the Farmers. In this Scheme farmer get the money form the government side if there Crop will be full destroyed in the rain or any other reason. The Government will give this Bima Money to the farmers. So tis will held to the famers very well.

प्रधान मंत्री फसल बीमा योजना

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana Apply Online

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana Apply Online

The farmers of this nation have given each ad every one in the nation the food that we eat every day and the government of India has, in an attempt to return back to them a bit of what the nation owes them for their consistent hard work and their never ending efforts. The Government of India had been discussing the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima yojna for some time in the past and now on Wednesday the Union Cabinet Of ministers have approved the bill to make this Prime Minister Crop Insurance Plan 2016 official. So all the farming population can now sign up for this scheme of insurance which will be implemented from this year with the beginning of the Kharif Crop Season. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana Benefit for those Farmers those are comes under the Natural Disaster. In the Natural Disaster Like Excessive Rain, Excessive Humidity, or Less Rain or any type of Natural Hard to the Crop will be comes under this Scheme. In this Scheme the applicants those want to take the advantage of this Scheme, They have to fill the forms to take PM Fasal Bima Yojana. In this Scheme the applicants those having Insurance Policy of Crop, They got the Some Amount of the Crop Price according to the All calculation. So this is Lengthy process, and this is basically stated by our PM Mr. Modi. So this our Advice to all the Farmers those face the Crop Hard Every Year, They have to take this Insurance Scheme, and Take advantage form Government.

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana

All the farmers who sign up for the Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme 2016 will be eligible for the payment of 2 percent premium each month for the Kharif Crop Growers and 1.5 percent premium for the rabi crop growers. The rest of the premium will be borne by the state government and the center respectively. So the farmers can rest easy for the crop insurance scheme premium payments. The government of india took into consideration the high rates of Natural calamities that occur every year and cause unwarranted damage to the crops. The hazards that occur every year resulting in loss of crop and yearly loss to the farmers is increasing with the climatic changes that have occurred over the last few days. Keeping into consideration that the farmers who invest their hard earned money and their blood, sweat and tears into crops each year and with no insurance or high insurance premium rates most farmers face tremendous loss when a natural calamity strikes. In the past few years every Indian is familiar with the nation’s pain when farmers commit suicide under the money loan pressure and shame.

PM Fasal Bima Yojana In Hindi

To avoid this pain to the hard working hands of the nation the Indian Government had been discussing the prospects of decreasing the premium rates for crop insurance schemes and has recently come up with a new scheme to give hopes back to thousands of farmers in the nation. The Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme 2016 will put hope back in the hands of the farmers who put bread into our hands by working hard each day of the year. The PRADHAN MANTRI FASAL BIMA YOJNA 2016 has provided the center with a budget of Rs. 3,100 Crores for completing its financial liability for the 23 percent crops that have been insured in the nation.

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana Process and Steps to Proceed

The plans for the future are that the budget will be increased to Rs. 5,700 Crore once 30 percent of the Nation Crop comes under the plan for insurance. The PRADHAN MANTRI FASAL BIMA YOJNA 2016 will not stop at that and aims at covering 50 percent crops under its insurance coverage when the center’s financial liability towards the insurance premium yearly budget will be lifted to a gigantic sum of Rs. 8,800 crore. Individual state government budget will also goup with the rise in the center’s budget and the insurance coverage increases. We encourage more and more Indian Farmers to get themselves covered by the PRADHAN MANTRI FASAL BIMA YOJNA 2016 as now in contrast to the other insurance premiums of 15 percent they will have to pay just 2 percent for Kharif crop and 1.5 % for Rabi crop. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) Scheme is one of the most reliable scheme for Indian Farmers. Form last Few year there is the news coming from the every part of India about the Suicide of the Farmer in India. Huge number of Farmers lose there Life due to Bad crop. Now our PM Mr N.M Modi take a step ahead about the farmers. Now the farmers Make there crop Insurance and If Crop is not well, they get the Insurance Money form the Government. So this is a Big step for all those farmers those are angry with the Crop as well as Government. Lost of Farmer take advantage of this scheme. So we suggest you to go the Near Bank and Ask about the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana Scheme. You can take a Advantage on to Read Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana in Hindi.

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