Reliance JIO Sim Activation Problem – How to Resolve Issue

By | September 20, 2016

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By the time all of us are familiar with the name, Reliance JIO. It is the latest sim launched by the Reliance Communication. This SIM card was launched recently across the country. They promised to serve the nation with free voice calls and unlimited data with a high speed internet. This plan gained a lot of popularity and earned lots of customers in a very short period of time. The SIM card was available in all the Reliance Digital Store, with no cost, it was available for free. They offered unlimited 4 G data and unlimited free voice calls. When Ever there is any issue is come in front of you regarding the Number Working then its very provoked to costumes to misbehave with the company. Now Two type of Issues come in front of You regaling JIO Sim Activation.

  1. JIO Call Activation – In this if you number is not working till now you have to call on 1977. Then you can tell your 4 Digits of your ID Prof.
  2. JIO Data Activation – Most of the Time the data and Call will be active on the same Verification. But in few cases, You have to call to company costomer care and Verificed your Number. If you Have Question then ask in the comment section for more updates.

Reliance JIO Sim Activation Problem

At the very beginning Reliance JIO gained lots of customers and popularity. In the earlier stage the speed of the internet was also running at a very higher speed. But now as the customers of this SIM are increasing day by day the speed of the internet and other features is getting affected. Now many of the customers of this SIM card are complaining about one or the other feature. Now Reliance JIO is facing many problems. As one of my friend using this SIM said that the speed of the internet is now decreasing and taking too much time to upload files for e.g if you will watch any video in JIO app then will give you a good speed but if you watched it in YouTube than it will take more then the estimated time and will buffer a lot. The speed of the internet is only at its higher pace if you are using the apps given by JIO.

Many of the customers are facing different kinds of problem. As some of them are facing a problem of SIM activation and are now looking for the solution to resolve it. If you are among one of them then we have some simple steps given below for your problem.

How to Resolve Issue of JIO SIM Activation

  1. first of all submit all the forms and identity proofs required to buy a Reliance JIO SIM card.
  2. once you received the SIM card you will also get an email from the company.
  3. some steps will be given in that email, you just have to follow them to activate your SIM card.
  4. a receipt of the bill will also be mailed to or it will be sent by SMS.
  5. then the SIM will be activated and then you have to verify it.
  6. for verifying you have to make a call on a toll free number which is 1977.
  7. after making call to this number some questions will be asked by the customer care regarding the receipt sent to you.
  8. after that your SIM card will be verified as well as activated.

Some user have a problem that after inserting the SIM, it shows that not a registered network. So to cope up with this problem you have to switch off your mobile and insert the SIM card again, then choose 4G LTE network for the SIM.

JIO Number is Not Activated

Many of the users are facing issues regarding the incoming and outgoing calls. For this you have to make sure that your mobile phone supports VoLTE, it means Voice over Long Term Evolution. If not then you have update your mobile phone for VoLTE. The most important thing for using this JIO SIM card is that your handset should be 4 G compatible, then only the SIM will work on your smart phone.

JIO Plans

Various other types of problems are also faced by the Reliance JIO users and are looking for the solutions. But to make it easy for the JIO users we are here providing the customer care number of JIO i.e. 1800-890-1977. For any of the query please make a call on this number or visit your nearest Reliance Digital Store.

FAQ Regarding JIO SIM Card Activation

Reliance JIO Sim Activation Problem ?

How to Resolve Issue JIO Sim Activation ?

JIO SIM Not Working ?

JIO Sim Card data Not Working ?

JIO Sim Call Not Working ?

JIO SIM Not Activated ?

JIO SIM Activated Online ?

JIO SIM Card Activation Issue Resolved – JIO Sim Card is Not Activated Then You Need to Wait for the Message. When you get the Message that your Number is Ready for Tele Verification, Then you Need to Call on 1977. Then you have to Active Your Number by tell them Last Four Digits of Your Aadhar Card, or Voter card or any Other ID Prof you Submitted. Then With in 1 Hour You Get a Message then your Number is Start for Call and Data Services. So this is the Whole Process.

The Problem will be Resolved in The Demonstration in the Images Below

Firstly You Get This Message form JIO





Then in the Second When your Verification Over Your Get This.

jio sim activation issue-resolved process

jio sim activation issue-resolved process

Step 1st for Resolved Your Problem – if Your Number is Not Activated Yet, You need to go to the Near JIO Store and Get the Information regarding This.

Step 2nd for Resolved Your Problem – If Your Documents are correct then there is No Issue, But if your DOB, or Name or address, is not matched with the form Details, They will stop your Verification process.

Port Number to JIO

Step 3rd for Resolved Your Problem – If there is Nat mistake in the ID Prof, Then it will cause the Issue than your Number not activated.

Step 4th for Resolved Your Problem – If you Activated your Number for 4G Smartphone, But after that you are trying to do experiment to other 4G Phones or 3G Phones Then chance you not get the Signal.

Form 5th of September when the JIO Sim are come in the Market, The issue is coming that the Number of Jio is Not activated at Time. This will be Held due to some technical Issue or the Fault of the Consumers. The main issue is the ID Prof Verification. If the verification is incorrect then this forms will be rejected by the company and Your number will be not active. The second reason is that your ID Prof is not clear in the Xerox Copy. In this if your face is not seen properly then it will be reject by the company. Now there days the costumers of JIO increase day by day so the work load on the company is more. So to that costumers think that there is issue with there number. So dont worry, and Contact on the Consumer support number of JIO and Know the Status of your Number easily.