JIO WiFi Plans (JIOFi) 4G Router Device (MiFi) Broadband Plans /Special Offers

By | March 16, 2017

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Hello Guys. The JIO Prime Membership is applicable for the JIO Wifi. The MiFi Device is enable to accept this plan. The plans Details are given Below. In this device you are using this only for the internet purpose. So guys this is the best Part. You need to pay only for the data. The data plans will be start form 19 Rupees and Goes 9999/- Rupees. So in this with the increase of money the data will also increase. So now days JIO is one of the cheapest and low price rate plans.

JIO WiFi (MiFi Device) Prime Plans

Plan RateData
Rs. 19/-200 MB (1 Day)
Rs. 49/-600 MB (3 Days)
Rs. 96/-7 GB (7 days)
Rs. 149/-2 GB (28 Days)
Rs. 303/-28 GB (28 Days)
Rs. 499/-56 GB (28 Days)
Rs. 999/-60 GB (60 Days)
Rs. 1999/-125 GB (90 Days)
Rs. 4999/-350 GB (180 Days)
Rs. 9999/-750 GB (360 Days)

The nation has been swept by the wave of Jio network, providing 4G data connectivity and numerous other calling benefits at nominal rates, the network has gained immense popularity in the nation and has already bagged more than 50 million subscribers in the nation. Within the short duration of 6 months the data provider has reached a hallmark of subscriptions by offering schemes that include free voice calling to every network, free roaming, free 4G data including voice over LTE up-to the daily limit of 4GB. JIO WiFi Plans Means these are the plans for the JIO FI Device. This device is a Hotspot device witch can content 9 devices at a Single Time. So guys of you need any assistant Regarding this device then you can ask in the comment section. This device is same as Like Airtel Wifi Device. This will come with the Happy new offer and Now if you have 3G Support phone, then you can buy this device and take benefits of this device. This device is cheap as compared to other devices. You can easily buy this device at any general store.

JIO WiFi Plans

JIO is now Expending to the Broadband Business. Now in india JIO is reached every where. JIO Fiber network work will be over in all over India. So now one thing you need to know that the fiber network is much more faster then the air signal. It means the JIO fiber having more capacity to load the more speed as compared to the other networks. So JIO Now enter into broadband plans. This broadband is basically for the high speed internet lovers. The Internet speed is 4G. The JIO Broadband speed drop down is very less, or we say o.1% in case of major fault. Most of the times its work very well. Now as compered to the Telecom Network internet speed. It drops when we use internet regular. So we prefer if your most of the time spend on Internet you need to use JIO Broadband. For more details plans visit to your Near JIO store.

If this was not enough the JIO company has now launched its latest toy called the Jiofi, which is a portable hotspot dongle that is available at the price of Rs. 1,999/- only. Not only is the hotspot available at a phenomenally low rate, it also has the Jio Happy New Year Offer which means you can enjoy free 4G data, Jio Apps, Voice Calls for a period of 3 months. JIO is one of the Leading brand in internet facility and calling also. But now internet and 4G is in limelight. So now the officials of JIO Announced the JIO Happy New Year Plans in Witch the Free plans witch is ended on 31st December 2016 now extended to 31st march 2017. So this is one of the Best Happy New Year Plans every received by the costumer form any telecom company. So now if you are only want to use Internet then you need to buy JioFi Device also called JioMifi. So with the Help of JioFi you can use 4g speed in 3g phone also. So go and Grab It. Now it is only 2000 rupees on official JIO Website with Free JIO 4G LTE Sim Card. So this is the Best deal every with 3 month Free.

JioFi Plans

The Jiofi has extended the Happy New Year Offer to include High Speed Data, HD voice Calling, and the benefit of Jio Apps till 31st March 2017. This portable hotspot also has a device connectivity of over 10 meaning 10 different devices can be connected to use the Internet over this single dongle. Because the Dongle is 4G you can enjoy the lightening fast internet services on your 2G/3G devices using internet connection from Jiofi. The device has a 2600mAH battery that is expected to last a good 7-8 hours on the go with regular use. The plans for the device for net will be revealed by the Company shortly but are expected to be significantly lower than the other competitors.

JioFi Device Image

JIOFi Device

JIOFi Device

We all must have heard the name ‘Reliance’. Reliance is a big industry which now holds many of the different types of firms under it. One of a major company of Reliance is the “Reliance Communication Limited” (RCOM). Reliance communication is a telecommunication company and is an Indian Internet Access. This communication company was founded in 2002 by Mr. Anil Ambani. Main head office of this company is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The RCOM provides various mobile services such as CDMA, GSM (voice, 2G & 3GG). Along with mobile services it also serves the society with the fixed line broadband services, voice services, DTH services (depending upon the areas of operation).

IN November 2016 The JIO announced the JIOFI and JIO Broadband Optical Fiber Plans in All over the India. JIO said that the OPTICAL Fiber Cable is place maximize all parts of India and Now the Plans and Broadband service will be start very soon. The SPEED f Internet by Optical fiber cable is much more as compared to the JIO Normal Speed. JIO Service Vary place to place and City to Village. The constant speed is not shown in any Place. The News is coming that the If the problem of JIO Internet and JIO Calls Remaining Same Till December 2016, then the JIO Welcome offer will be extended till 31st of March 2017. So this is Good News, But till now JIO Didn’t released the official statement regarding Extension. So wait for this. So This is enough for Today JIO Updates Regarding Broadband and JioFi Plans.

JIO WiFi Plans (JIOFi) 4G Router Device (MiFi) Broadband Plans /Special Offers

Recharge Amount PlansDate Serve Validity
Recharge 994G Pack1-GB Data28 Days
Recharge 2494G Pack3-GB Data28 Days
Recharge 3994G Pack6-GB Data28 Days
Recharge 5994G Pack10-GB Data28 Days
Recharge 9994G Pack25-GB Data28 Days
Recharge 24994G Pack100-GB Data28 Days

Reliance communication is now known as the 4th largest telecommunication operators in India. RCOM IT support is provided by the Reliance Tech services and the telecommunication network is maintained and operated by Ericsson. Last year in the month of November, i.e. November 2015, the Reliance Communication Ltd. Entered into an official agreement to acquire the MTS services, India. At present Reliance Communication operates 22 telecommunication circles and also offers the CDMA and GSM services.

JioFi Specifications 

Device Specification
Support of Device at one Time 10 Wifi Device with 1 USB Tethering (Total 11)
Battery Power 2300mAh
Standards Compliance WAN:- LTE (2300 / 1800 / 850MHz)
WLAN:- IEEE 802. 11b/g/n 2.4G Only
Charge Power AC 100~240 Volt, DO:- 5V &1A
External Interface Micro - USB Port
Mini - Sim Card Port
Micro - SD Card Post
Size (Dimensions) 85.0 x 55.0 x 16.0mm

Speficiation of JIO Router

Speficiation of JIO Router

Recently the company has launched the new device known as the Reliance JioFi device. Reliance Jio Fi is basically a portable WiFi hotspot device. It comes with the preview offer of Jio 4G. Earlier this offer was not available for all. Only those people can buy this who has bought an HP Laptop or PC but as per the demand now this offer is open to all. This JioFi device can be bought at a price of Rs. 2899. The device will be fully powered by the 4G internet services. Like the Lyf branded smart phone, this device also comes up with the 3 months free Jio preview offer. This offer will give various benefits to the customers such as it will give unlimited access to the voice calling, 4G internet and video calling too. Moreover the device can be connected to almost 10 enabled Wi – Fi devices.

Reliance JioFi Router Tariff Plans

It is not compulsory that the customer will have to buy a Lyf smart phone to enjoy Reliance Jio 4G services, the customer can buy the JioFi device separately, the device is an option to consider. JioFi is a device which has a battery capacity of 2300 mAh, with micro – USB port. Device will also be holding a slot for mini sim card and a slot for the micro SD card. The dimensions of the device given by the company are 85 x 55 x 16 mm. For getting more features the users can download the Jio Join app on their smart phones. Reliance Communication has promised the battery life of 6 hours with JioFi device.

Reliance JioFi Happy New Year Offer till 31st March

Recharge Amount Plan NameBenefit Validity
Rupees 00.00Preview Offer Unlimited Data
Unlimited Call
Unlimited SMS
Unlimited Video Call
90 Days
Rupees 00.00Preview Offer Unlimited Data
Unlimited Call
Unlimited SMS
Unlimited Video Call
90 Days
Rupees 00.00Preview Offer Unlimited Data
Unlimited Call
Unlimited SMS
Unlimited Video Call
90 Days
Rupees 00.00Preview Offer Unlimited Data
Unlimited Call
Unlimited SMS
Unlimited Video Call
90 Days

JIO Offer

JIO Offer

All the people who are interested and want to try this new device, can buy this device easily at their nearest Reliance Digital and Digital Xpress mini store. The user just have to submit their address proof and identity proof on the store to but the device. Till now the plans for the Jio 4G and JioFi device are not carried out by the company, so for 3 months (90 Days) the company is giving unlimited services. But after the time period of 90 days is over then the commercial traffic plan will be applicable on the devices.

How to Avail JioFi Preview Offer and Buy Offer Online

How to Avail JioFi Preview Offer

How to Avail JioFi Preview Offer Online

So if you are also the one who is interested in this device, then hurry up visit your nearest store, it sounds a good deal. JIPO 4G LTE Network Give this Preview offers to all the LYF Mobile handset users. Now this offer is also come with the Samsung Sets. The Reliance JioFi Wifi Router will be yours soon. If you want to buy the Reliance JioFi then you have to register your self on the official website of the JIO and Register your self in the I am Interested section. You can also take this device form the any JIO Store and any other JIO Authorized Mobile store. One thing we will inform You when you Buy this device you have to remember to take Original Bill of the device. This is very Important to take the advantage the warranty. Now the Dongle is also Launched by the Company few days back. This is one of the WIFI Dongle in Witch there is near about 10 devices attach at a Time by Wifi. So this is also a Option for you to Take the Jio Dongle instead of Jiofi. So Compare both the devices, as the Quality wise and Most important thing is the Price Wise. So price is also matter for the Middle class Family. Men always spend Money as one time Investment and They thing they get the Best. So Wait for Few days and Check out the Reviews of both the devices.

JIO Plans

  • JioFi 4G Plan for Mumbai
  • JioFi 4G Plan for Chandigarh
  • JioFi 4G Plan for Kolkata
  •  JioFi 4G Plan for orrisa
  •  JioFi 4G Plan for Bihar
  •  JioFi 4G Plan for Chennai
  •  JioFi 4G Plan for Bangalore
  •  JioFi 4G Plan for Madhya Pradesh
  •  JioFi 4G Plan for Himachal Pradesh
  •  JioFi Device Plans for Employees
  •  JioFi Device Plans Maharashtra
  •  JioFi Device Plans Punjab
  •  JioFi Device Plans Kerala
  •  JioFi Device Plans Goa
  •  JioFi Device Plans Assam
  •  JioFi Device Plans Tamil Nadu
  •  JioFi Data Plans in Manipur
  •  JioFi Device Plans Haryana
  •  JioFi Device Plans Gurgaon
  •  JioFi Device Plans UP
  • JioFi 4G Plan for Delhi NCR
  • Chhattisgarh JioFi Device Plans
  • Jharkhand  JioFi Device Plans

JioFi North East Arunachal Pradesh Plans with Manipur Jiofi, Meghalaya jiofi, Mizoram JioFi, Nagaland JioFi.

Now the JIO Sim card is open form Everyone. If you really want this JIO Sim Card, You just need A 4G Supported Phone. Then 2 Photo Copies of Identity Prof, 2 Passport size Photograph Clear Required for this Sim. So now its time to Grab This offer. If you want the JioFi Offer This 3 months Unlimited 4G Data Offer is Open for Everyone. You just need to But the JioFi Device and the JIO Sim already Inside It. After Few Hours it will activated, and You can enjoy the Unlimited 4G for 90 Days. The Company Make A revolution in India. So If you have any question regarding the JIO Plans check out here. After quickly rising in the eyes of the public by offering free and unlimited data usage as well as calling all across the nation, Reliance Jio has become a popular choice among many.

JIO Broadband Plans

Rising to the occasion to grab the pool of people that are currently using devices not supporting LTE and VOLTE for the special preview offer, the company has announced its JioFi device. Anyone can buy a JioFi device and use the power of 4G connectivity at their home and workplace. Reliance JioFi is available at the price of Rs. 1,999 and is a tiny and portable hotspot to bring the charm of 4G in your home. The device acts as a bridge between the 4G Reliance network and the Wifi connection to your laptop and mobile devices. apart from data usage as per the preview offer of Jio, the JioFi also allows you to make free video and audio calls over the network by simply downloading the Join My Jio Apps on your phone. You can also use other network SIM on the device if need be however your data charges will apply for the particular server.

How to Buy Reliance JioFi

  1. Visit the nearest Reliance Digital/ Reliance Digital Xpress Mini store and Inquire for the device
  2. You will need a passport size photograph, original and photocopy of a identity proof, and a valid address proof.
  3. Once you have submitted your form a number will be activated when you place a call on 180089011977 for tele-verification and follow all the steps.
  4. This whole process will take 4-24 hours.
  5. JIOFI Device price is down now these days. If you need to buy this this is the right time.
  6. You will get this device in between 1900 to 2100 rupees.
  7. Price will be differ place to place.
  8. The city price of JioFi will be less as compered to small towns.
  9. This is useful for those who has 3G Phone, or Using More then One device in one place.

JioFi released the same Prime membership plan for the as on normal mobile phones. The Prime packs are mentioned above. In this plans you just pay 99 rupees to make a prime member, and then chose your plan according to your need of Data. Just remember one thing now the service is not free. Now you have to pay for JIO Plans form April 2017. This this you might be know, we thought we need to tell you once. Question Ask any Time.

More Updates On this JIOFI You can check out the official website of JIO. Share your Experience with us in the comment section.