Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana Registration, 31st Dec Last Date

By | February 9, 2017

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The government of Uttar Pradesh has announced a new scheme for the people of Uttar Pradesh who has been poor and below the poverty line. According to this scheme, chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav has decided to distribute the free smartphone to the people after the government wins the 2017 Vidhan Sabha election. The peoples are applying through online registration within one month, and distribution on the basis of first come first serve system. There is only one requirement for the online registration that the person who has been applying can upload the scanned copy of 10th mark list. After online selection of the candidate, the phone will be sent to your home. समाजवादी फ्री स्मार्ट फोन योजना जो के उत्तर प्रदेश के सीएम अखिलेश यादव ने शुरू कर दी है, इस योजना के अंदर, आप को कुछ नियम का पालन करना होगा। जो के नीचे दिया हुए है। इस योनाना का लाभ लेने के लेय  आप को ऑनलाइन रजिस्ट्रेशन (पंजीकरण) करना होगा। अगर आप पहले पंजीकरण करते है तो आप को पहले फोन मिलगा। यह स्मार्ट फोन आप को 2017 में चुनाव के बाद दिया जाएगा। 

 Latest News onUP Election 2017

Samajwadi Party Released this Scheme a few days Back and Like every Scheme of Samajwadi, this also get huge Response. Now time is Changing very fast and Now Digital India moment is very fast in the year 2016. Now 2017 start within Few days and in this year the digitization also expand to the village to Village and City to City and Town to Town and Vice Versa. So Samajwadi Smartphone Scheme by the Government of Uttar Pradesh is a Master stroke to see UP Vidhan sabha Election held in 2017. Now If people like This time the government of Samajwadi Party come in Power Again. So Let’s see the Results and Then decide.

After the Huge response of Samajwadi Smartphone Scheme, the Registration date Extended 3rd Time. Now the last date for Registration Samajwadi Smartphone is 31st December 2016. It means the ending of this scheme on New year. So we hope that in 2017 you will get a Brand New smartphone from the side of government. 

An amazing news for all the citizens of Uttar Pradesh state. On last Monday, Honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh state announced to launch a new scheme in the state which is known as the Samajwadi Smart Phone Yojana. Under this scheme, the state CM Mr. Akhilesh Yadav and Mr. Sanjiv Saran, the principal secretary of the information technology department mutually said that they will distribute smartphones to the civilians of the state. The scheme is only for those civilians of the state whose annual income is below Rs. 6 lakh.

All such people can apply for this scheme, the registration process will be opened till the month of November 2016. Election of Uttar Pradesh are very near and this scheme definitely will make a Milestone in this election. This scheme attracts people and they know the government will do something for them. Under this Scheme, all benefits will be given after the election and if Samajwadi party SP Will win, Then the registered Peoples will get a Smartphone. This Phone is basically a Home Delivery and there is not run for you. So get ready for the UP Election 2017, and Get a smartphone. CM of UP Always Thinks out the Poor and BPL Families. They released various Schemes in their working period. We wish people of UP Understand there feeling and Make them CM One again in 2017.

These smartphones will be distributed to the civilians of the state in the new office of the CM i.e. Lok Bhawan. This scheme can be said as the biggest attempt to bridge the digital divide in the state. But to eligible to apply for this scheme, the applying candidate must be above 18 years of age, he/she should be the domicile of the state and must have completed the high school. Along with the smartphones, they are also launching an app for the Traffic Police which will be aiming at connecting commuters with traffic police.

Samajwadi Smartphone Registration

  1. अगर आप या परिवार में कोई सरकारी नौकरी में है तो ये योजना का लाभ आप को नहीं मिलेगा।
  2. आप उत्तर प्रदेश के निवासी होने जरूरी है
  3. आप के सालाना कमाई 6 लाख से अधिक न हो।
  4. याचिका कर्ता  हाइ स्कूल पास हो।

Scheme NameSamajwadi Free Smartphone Yojana
Distribution of Smartphone
Scheme UnderUP Goverment
Age18 Years
EligibilityHigh School Pass
Annual Income6 lacks Per Year Income also eligable
Registration Start10 October 2017

There is good News come from the Uttar Pradesh. The Good News announced by the UP Government, that they will distribute the Samajwadi Free Smartphone Yojana in Uttar Pradesh State. In this Scheme, all the BPL Families will receive the Free Smartphone from the Side of Samajwadi Party. This Scheme will be applicable only for the person who is below poverty Line and having annual Income is less than 2 Lack per Year. That person is eligible and He; she will get a Free Smartphone from the Side of Government. This Scheme was announced by the CM of UP Akhilesh Yadav. This Scheme is also applicable for the Farmers and Poor Peoples. This will make a Big Step by the CM, and this will give the Benefit to the Government of Uttar Pradesh in UP Election 2017. Being a Uttar Pradesh Citizen, You are eligible for the Free Smartphone Scheme. This scheme will be for the BPL and Their income is less than 2 lack per year. This will help them always to grow in their society and in their life, This smartphone will give them business, and they can contact their clients and costumers if you are a small Business. So there are lots of Benefits of this scheme which is not always seen, but they have always hidden advantages. So the UP Government Free smartphone scheme will help in in that way. So you will be very thankful in your whole life of the government. The UP Government Free smartphone scheme registration will be starting soon, and You will be soon eligible to register.

Requirement to Get A Samajwadi Free Smartphone

  • You have A residence of Uttar Pradesh
  • Age will be more than 18 Years
  • High School Pass
  • Annual Income of Family less than 6 Lacks Per Year
  • Online Registration start in September Month

The Phone will be Give to you in 2017. This Means this Phone will be given to You after the UP Election 2017. This Scheme is Only for the Poor Peoples those are not in the position to buy a Smartphone. This is the Update on 11th September that the UP Government and Cabinet Clear the Distribution of Free Smartphone Scheme. So this is one of the Good News, That always now Open to Get a Brand New Smartphone. This Will make a Game Changer in the Uttar Pradesh Election 2017. This Scheme is The Part of the Digital UP. So this is one of the Best Scheme for Digitisation of Uttar Pradesh. Now there days the Reliance JIO Also Play a Biggest Role to Make India Digital. So there both Scheme Make a Historical Change. Assembly election Now Near and Party do everything to impress voters. In the Survey of ABP the Samajwadi Party Show Lead. In the Opinion Polls, This party Show a Lead in the Election held in 2017. So this thing will be in the mind of Party. So they take this step to impress the Lower Call Families. So this Scheme will be Helpful to those families.

समाजवादी स्मार्ट फोन योजना जो के पहले 10 नवम्बर तक ही थी, अब उस तिथि को बढ़ा कर 31st December 2016 कर दिया गया है। अब जिन लोगो ने अभी तक इस के लेय आवेदन नहीं किया, उन के पास यह सुनहरी मौका है। वह अभी बिना समय गवाय samajwadisp वैबसाइट पे जा कर पंजीकरण करे। इस के लेय जरूरी दस्तावेज़ साथ में ले जाना न भूले। उन को स्कैन कर ले और फिर वह अपलोड कर दे। किस भी प्रकार के अधिक जानकारी के लेय हमे अपना प्राशन नीचे दिया हुए कमेंट बाक्स में लिख के भेजे।

Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana Registration Extended Till 31st December

Breaking News – The Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana extended till 31st December 2016 by CM of Uttar Pradesh. This decision will take while seen the interest of the peoples in this scheme. There is near about 75 lack peoples apply for this scheme and now register their self for this scheme.This scheme is only for the 10th of November and on 10th it will over. But at the last date the UP Government deiced to some more time to the People of Uttar Pradesh and Now they have now 15 days more to apply or register there self. This is one of the good News for all those peoples of UP those are not registered their self for the fee smartphone by the samajwadi party.

Facility in Samajwadi Free Smartphone

  • Pre-Downloaded Apps
  • State Government Schemes App (Video + Audio)
  • Rate of Crop in Market
  • Weather Information
  • Study Material for Students
  • Jobs Notifications

UP Government Smartphone Scheme

FAQ for Samajwadi Free Smartphone Yojana.

  1. How to Register for Samajwadi Smartphone?
  2. What are the requirements to Get This Smartphone?
  3. What is the Annual Income required for this scheme?
  4. When This Smartphone Reach to UP Peoples.
  5. If any Peron in Government Job, Then he can take Samajwadi Free Smartphone?
  6. In the Below, This is the Cutting of the Paper in which all the News is Publish in Details. Read it and Then decide that, you want to Became a Part of this Scheme or Not.
  7. You can book Smartphone from form Website.

So Guys this the main Questions in Your Mind and We resolve all their Question in our Post. So This is one for the Best Thing happens after the Laptop Scheme. So Don’t Waste You Time and Start Resister Your Self for Samajwadi Free Smartphone and Grab One. The Government of Uttar Pradesh said that what they say, They do. The scheme of the Free Laptop is also true The BJP only do promises, We really do The work. This statement is done by the CM Akhilesh Yadav. Now there days, The CM announced that they will release the Free Smartphone to the Every poor Family of Uttar Pradesh. Just do few steps for the registration, and That,s it. You will get the Samajwadi Free Smartphone in 2017. So make A part of this scheme and Take the benefit of the Uttar Pradesh Government. Now there days Smartphone is One the Part of our Life. Now all the work now held on a smartphone. Example Like ticket booking, Online Bill payment and Other will be held on Mobile.

Now, this is the main thing captured by the government of Uttar Pradesh. So they said they will distribute the Smartphone when they will win in the UP 2017 Election. So Samajwadi Smartphone Registration will be starting soon and Then you register your Self and then book and smartphone. With the Vidhan Sabha Elections of Uttar Pradesh approaching, the current government in the state has come up with a new scheme to connect the population of the state with the government in a two-way communication method by providing free smartphones to many rural and urban residents.

Then you will get the Samajwadi Free Smartphone in Next Year 2017. This scheme will be work on the 1st come 1st Serve basis.  In this Scheme the person who is registered for this scheme, only those will get the Free Smartphone. So this thing is very important. Now the All Folks those are Eligible for this Scheme of CM Akhilesh Yadav, They can apply or we say register their Self Online. The basic requirements will be publishing on this website. If anyone has any Question regarding this Scheme, Our team will resolve It. Ask your Question in the comment section regarding Samajwadi Free Smartphone Yojana Registration. So Grab You Laptop or Phone and Start Registration and Take Benefit for this Scheme. We wish you Good Luck.

UP Government Smartphone Yojana

UP Government Smartphone Yojana

The Samajwadi Party headed by the current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh will be initiating the scheme for free distribution to the population that is currently out of the loop of modern technology of communication. This move by the party is considered a master move towards the approaching elections. On the official announcement of this scheme, the chief minister said that the main objective of this scheme is to make a two-way communication possible between the government and the general population and strengthen their bond. The smartphones will serve as a valuable tool in establishing a mode of communication for the government to interact with the voters. This media platform will be used by the government to inform the general populace of the various schemes and benefits that are initiated and opened by the state from time to time. The population will be able to provide their valuable feedback to the government through these smartphones regarding the various schemes and programs working under the state government. The announcement came after the Samajwadi Party had recently distributed about 18 lakh laptops for free to the general public under a different scheme. This was the biggest distribution of free laptops in the nation and in spite of its large scale, there have been no complaints regarding the quality of the products or the efficiency of the management throughout the process.

No signs of corruption at any level during the process has made clear that the laptop distribution was a genuine move by the Akhilesh Yadav lead Samajwadi Party. Announcing the big scheme, the chief minister cited that the government is strongly engaged in making the state a technologically advanced and in modernizing the state to raise its intellectual and economical standard at the national level. This is why the smartphones that will be distributed will be researched over before finally finalizing the tender to the leading smartphone manufacturing companies of the nation. Most recent features and user-friendly interfaces will be considered before making the final call.

In order to begin the process, a new online web portal for registration will begin in the next month during which a special committee will also be reviewing the applications for tender. The distribution of free smartphones in Uttar Pradesh will be done on the basis of first-come-first-served. This means that the candidates that apply quickly to the registration portal will stand a better chance of getting chosen for the benefits of the scheme. In order to register for the same candidates will need a scanned copy of their high school pass certificate. No other document will be required to be uploaded for the process.

Eligibility standards to apply for Free Smart Phones:

  • Candidates should be a resident of Uttar Pradesh
  • The candidates should be minimum 18 years of age before 1st January 2017
  • The candidates that are employed under private sector with a total annual income of less than 6 lac per year for the complete family will be considered.
  • The interested applicant should be high school pass from recognized board.

Samajwadi Smartphone Registration

Document required getting the Samajwadi Free Smartphone

    • If you Family Member or You in the Government Job, Then you are not eligible for the Samajwadi Free Smartphone Scheme.
    • When you Want Samajwadi Free Smartphone Registration Online Then you need to upload the Scan Copy of High School.
    • When to Do the Process, Then you will get an SMS from the side of Government.
    • You will be registered for the Samajwadi Free Smartphone Yojana.

Akhilesh Yadav said that this will prove to be a definitive step by the state government to bring the communication uprising to the state of Uttar Pradesh on 31st August when he made the news public after a long-term discussion with his cabinet. Today Samajwadi Free Smartphone Registration 3rd day and Now lacks needy person need this Phone. This Scheme is Benefit for the Poor Peoples. Now within Few days this scheme is one of the Most Like Scheme in Uttar Pradesh. The Scheme is Now Online and the website of the official is also announced. Now the applicants easily register their self online and Then they get the Free smartphone.

This Smartphone will be delivered to you after the 2017 election if the Samajwadi party comes in Power Again. So this is little a Bit tricky thing but we wish you good Luck for You Smartphone. The Scheme is Now Online and people of UP State lack of applying for this Phone. Last time the Annual Income will be upgraded from 2 lack to 6 lack. It’s means with BPM families Middle class also eligible fro this Phone. Now you just need to register for Samajwadi Smartphone Online. The Whole Process / Requirements need in forms filling is Under the following Pattern. The Main Options those are required in the application forms are mention on the below sections. So now the last date will be near and of you not register yet then go to the website and fill the application forms online. A basic thing whose required given list wise in the below section.

  1. First Name
  2. Middle Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Gender – Male/Female
  5. D.O.B
  6. Working Mobile Number
  7. Mother/ Father/ Wife/ Husband Name
  8. District You Belong
  9. VLE Code
  10. Verification Captcha Code
  11. Validation, Declaration Tick Option
  12. Important Instructions (Only Reading purpose)
  13. Submit Button

This is the full explanation of the post name UP Government Free Smartphone Yojana. This will be delivered to you in 2017 after the UP election 2017. So wait is no longer there is only 5 to 6 month and After that, you will get a Brand New Smartphone from the side of UP Government. This will be delivered to you as soon as possible if you full fill all the terms and Conditions required to get this Phone. These days due to some families issues in the Samajwadi Party this scheme is also in News. Now the CM Akhilesh Yadav and Shivpal Yadav Party President now their days fighting in front of everyone. The Amar Singh is the main issue. So now we will see this party will win an election or not Because this Fight makes Bad Impact on Voters. So this is the last chance to register of the Samajwadi Smartphone. Because the online lines will be close on November 10th. So this is the Last chance and-and Opportunity to fill the form and Get a Smartphone after the elections 2017. We wish you good luck for your Brand New Phone.

PM Modi Smartphone Scheme

Like UP Government Free Smartphone Scheme, PM Modi Announced Soon the Free Smartphone for BPL Families. In these days the technology is on progress and everyone in these days having his own mobile phone. Now in the market, every shopkeeper has the Smartphone in hi shop and our youth as well as the old person having the crazy about the Smartphone.  So for the progress of the nation, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji launched now new scheme to distribute the Smartphone to the people living in the rural area. As this scheme is to upgrade the rural area in the smart area.

As our PM Narendra Modi ji now announced the new scheme under which the Narendra Modi ji going to give the smartphone and with the free mobile also give the free data. As I know you think it is funny but no it’s not funny it is 100 percent confirmed with their announcement.

As PM Narendra Modi with the Ministry along with Telecom Ministry of India has given the yes to this Yojana. As we know that the Narendra Modi Ji having the interest to make the India Digital. So to full fill his dream to make India Digital give the free smartphone to the countryman. As this is a great gift to the India peoples.

Scheme name: Modi Free Smartphone

Launched by: PM Narendra Modi  ji

Registration to get the Modi Free Smartphone:-

As we already give you the details that with the Finance and Telecom Ministry said yes to this scheme and give the full report to the Modi. But the criteria and other important notification are unknown.

As this is the 4g Mobile phone having the 4g data in it. This is for the rural population.  To give the free smartphone is held in different phases and they said that 70 Lakhs of Smartphone will be distributed under this scheme.

Date of Distribution:-

As I know that you all now hurry to get the free mobile phone. But you have to wait till the Feb. 2017.  This is the time when the Modi Ji gives the Smartphone to the public of India. This is the 4g scheme of the Smartphone.

Specification of the Modi Ji 4g Smartphone:-

A display having the size of 4 inches and this is touch screen and resolution is about 480 X 800 pixels. Having the internal storage capacity 4 GB and external Storage capacity are up to 32 GO and Ram is 512 MB. The camera of 5 MP in rear and front camera is 2 MP having flashed also.

Hardware and software and battery capacity 1500 to 1700 mah having wifi, GPS and headphone connectivity. Sensors Proximity sensor.

Objective and aim of Modi Smartphone:-

Modi Ji only wants to introduce the new technology. So that the dream of the Modi ji to make India digital is full fill. This is really a very new scheme and gives the benefit to the rural area of the India. So without any delay registered you to get the free phone under this scheme. And for more detail keep in touch with us and regular visit our website.